5 Ways to Reduce Your Home Electric Bill

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Keep your registers clean for an efficient home.Winter weather often means higher electricity bills. It’s no surprise: heating a home consumes lots of energy, which translates to a bigger energy bill. Days are also shorter in the winter, so lights and appliances can get more use in the winter as well. There are many ways to reduce your electric bill. These five tips can help you save energy during the winter.1. Keep your vents clean and close off unused rooms.If you have central heating or air conditioning, check your filters and the vents in each room. Make sure that all of these vents are open, and get rid of any dust or dirt that has collected in your filters.  If you have a room in your home that you don't use, you can save money by closing the vent to that room.  However, most vents are not equipped to thoroughly seal.  The use of magnetic vent covers ensure that the conditioned air does not leak into the room.   Read our blog post on magnetic vent covers to learn how you can save 10% on your heating bill by using these unique insulation products. 2. Check seals around windows and doorsPoorly sealed windows and doors are responsible for most of the heat loss in a house. Sealing and weather-stripping around doors and windows can reduce energy loss in an average home by up to 30 percent. Programmable Thermostats cut down on energy consumption.3. Program your thermostatUsed properly, programmable thermostats can help you to save energy. Instead of wasting electricity heating an empty home, program your thermostat to adjust temperatures at certain times during the day. Program your thermostat to a warmer temperature while you are home, but lower the temperature when you are away or asleep. 4. Wisely manage ElectricityYou can save up to 80 percent of the energy you use for lighting by replacing your light bulbs (energy.gov). Standard lights often waste energy in the form of heat, so look for energy efficient options instead. An energy efficient incandescent light bulb uses about 25 percent less energy than standard bulbs. CFL lights can save you up to 75 percent of the energy of standard bulbs. LED light bulbs are in the same range, often using 75-80 percent less energy than a standard light bulb. Home electronics use about 20 percent of the energy in most homes. Some electronics, like TVs, Xboxes, or PlayStations, use more energy than other types of electronics. Many of these electronics use electricity even when they are in a sleep or hibernate mode. To stop wasting electricity on equipment that is not in use, unplug them or put them on power strips with an on/off switch. Turn off power sources to save energy.  5. Install radiant barrier in your attic.  It doesn't matter whether you live in a warm climate or a cold one, EcoFoil radiant barrier will significantly reduce the amount of radiant heat entering or leaving your home.  As the sun beats down on your roof the shingles heat up and radiate heat into your attic.  This in turn heats up the attic insulation which radiates heat into your home long after the sun goes down.  When installed on the floor of your attic, radiant barriers redirect the radiant heat back in to your home during the cold months of the year.  This is a simple and cost effective solution that will reduce your impact on the environment and save you money! If you would like to learn more about how EcoFoil can save you money, visit www.ecofoil.com or call one of our technical experts at 1-888-349-3645.