Double Bubble Insulation

Bubble wrap insulation with two layers of bubbles to protect your building from condensation and frost formation in colder climates. Reflects 96% of radiant heat, keeping your building warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Why choose Double Bubble Insulation from EcoFoil?

Collection: Double Bubble Insulation

Double bubble foil insulation reflects radiant heat and prevents heat gain/loss, improving energy efficiency and leading to a more uniform, consistent indoor temperature year-round. Made with two layers of polyethylene bubbles sandwiched between two metalized coatings, the double bubble foil insulation helps prevent formation of frost and condensation in metal buildings, pole barns, crawl spaces, and more. It also doubles as a vapor barrier when seams are taped, preventing the passage of moisture, methane, radon, and has an ASTM E84 Class 1/Class A fire rating.

Lightweight and easy to use, this eco-friendly bubble wrap insulation is available in Foil/Foil and White/Foil for a cleaner interior finish.

Reflect radiant heat off roof of tiny home

Block Radiant Heat

Efficient temperature control

EcoFoil Double Bubble Insulation reflects up to 96% of radiant heat away from your home in warm, summer months. In winter, it reflects warm air back inside your building to increase energy efficiency and maintain comfort year-round.

Prevent condensation on metal building

Double Bubble Vapor Barrier

Prevent condensation buildup

Double bubble foil insulation also acts as a vapor barrier when seams are all sealed with tape. Protect your metal building or pole barn from frost and condensation buildup.

Lightweight insulating foil

Fast, easy installation

Thin, lightweight bubble foil insulation makes it easy to handle and install in your building’s walls, roof, and ceiling. Cut the foil insulation to size using a utility knife and seal up the seams using insulation tape.

double bubble insulation effective in cold and extreme climates

Versatile bubble insulation

Great for cold climates

Double bubble radiant barrier is the preferred choice for buildings located in colder climates or in regions with large seasonal temperature differences. However, anyone can use this product no matter where they are.

Installing Bubble Insulation radiant barrier in a metal building

Combines well with other insulation types

Improves performance of traditional insulation

While double bubble foil insulation has little to no R-value, its reflective properties contribute to the overall effectiveness of fiberglass or spray foam insulation.

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