Radiant Barrier

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Perforated Radiant Barrier - Perforated Radiant Barrier is the only choice for an attic application, as the small perforations allow moisture vapor to escape, preventing mold and mildew. Our Perforated Radiant Barrier is a heavy duty, double sided, metalized, tear-proof radiant barrier. Perforated Radiant Barrier can be installed in other applications as well since there is no need to worry about the product trapping moisture. By reflecting 96% of radiant heat, it's effective in both hot and cold climates.

Solid Radiant Barrier - Solid Radiant Barrier provides a full vapor barrier when all seams are taped with EcoFoil Foil Tape and is primarily used in metal buildings, pole barns, basements and other applications that require the use of a vapor barrier. Solid Radiant Barrier is a double sided, heavy duty, tear-proof radiant barrier that's 96% reflective and is effective in a variety of climates.