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Why use EcoFoil in your storage unit?

EcoFoil Bubble Insulation is the recommended product for use in mini storage units. It's designed to be installed in the walls and roof to help keep your building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. EcoFoil Bubble Insulation is also rated as a full vapor barrier when all seams are taped off. This will help to keep your storage units from having condensation and moisture problems.

Why use EcoFoil in your mini storage unit?

  • Reflects 96% of radiant heat - Find out how a radiant barrier works
  • Works in both warm and cold climates
  • Keeps large temperature differentials off of your steel panels to prevent condensation from forming on them
  • Bubble insulation works as a full vapor barrier (when all seams are taped) that blocks interior moisture from getting to steel panels, also preventing condensation
  • Very durable and can't be ripped or torn by hand
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Safe to handle and requires no special clothing or breathing equipment
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What's needed to install EcoFoil Mini Storage Unit Insulation?

The equipment needed to install EcoFoil bubble insulation in your building will depend on where you are installing it in the building. There are a few things that will be used to install our product regardless of which method is chosen.

Items needed for installation

  • Scissors or a Sharp utility knife to cut the product
  • Insulation Tape to seal the seams - Never to be used to attach the product to the building!
  • For retrofit applications (existing building) - Mechanical fasteners are needed to attach the product. ie. self-drilling screws
  • Recommended - Someone to help hold the product while installing

Mini Storage Unit Installation Instructions

Mini Storage Insulation

Pre-fabricated mini storage units are widely used around the world for extra storage space of belongings such as furnishings and collectibles. Therefore, it is vital that these storage units are kept dry and that temperatures are uniform inside. Most mini storage buildings are constructed entirely of metal components including the roofing panels. Metal roofing has a tendency to form large amounts of condensation when hot and cold air meet at the roof of the building. The best way to prevent condensation in metal buildings is to install EcoFoil Bubble Insulation. This insulation consists of polyethylene bubbles, sandwiched between sheets of radiant barrier. The layers of bubble form a thermal break while the sheets of highly reflective foil block radiant heat transfer, keeping the inside temperature fairly uniform.