Radiant Floor Insulation

EcoFoil Radiant Floor Insulation

EcoFoil Radiant Floor Insulation (also called under floor insulation) has become very popular in new home and commercial building applications. Adding radiant floor heating insulation is the most cost effective approach long term. Reflective insulation for radiant floor heating is tougher and easier to install than traditional foam board insulation that easily cracks and breaks and is made to resist corrosion. We also have Under Concrete Insulation, that is similar, but designed specifically for installation under a concrete slab.

Why Use EcoFoil Radiant Floor Insulation?

  • Effective in all temperatures - even extreme heat and cold
  • Strong, lightweight, flexible and safe to handle with no special clothing or equipment
  • Extremely easy to install (see below for how to install radiant floor insulation)
  • Reflects 96% of radiant heat - see How a Radiant Barrier Works
  • Easy to cut and staple, nail or glue into place
  • Waterproof, non-absorbent surface
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Items Needed to Install Radiant Floor Insulation:

  • EcoFoil Bubble Insulation (see installation instructions below for specific product recommendations)
  • Construction staples - 3/8" wide is a very popular size
  • Staple gun - mechanical, pneumatic or electric
  • Scissors or a sharp utility knife
  • Reflective Insulation Tape to seal seams
  • Recommended - Someone to help hold the product while installing

Radiant Floor Installation Instructions

More About EcoFoil Radiant Floor Insulation

Radiant floor heating is becoming more common in new home construction. There are many floor insulation options—concrete floor insulation (see our Under Slab Insulation page), under floor insulation, crawl space floor insulation, sub floor insulation, mobile home floor insulation, in floor heating insulation, hardwood floor insulation, insulation between floor joists, floating floor insulation, and even soundproof acoustic floor insulation, to name a few.

Installing floor insulation is not a new technique, as it has been in use since the times of ancient Rome. There are many aspects to consider with insulation for radiant floor heating. If you’re looking for cheap floor insulation or DIY floor insulation, reflective foil is a cost effective option. Determining floor insulation cost should also account for lower energy bills each month. Radiant floor heating is popular because of many factors. Sub floor insulation creates a comfortable and warm floor that will have you walking barefoot all winter long. Air quality is improved because radiant heat does not stir dust particles or remove moisture from the air like traditional forced air systems. Radiant floor insulation is safe because it has no surface that could produce burns. Under floor insulation is also unobtrusive and environmentally conscious.

In order to achieve and receive all of these benefits of floor insulation, under floor insulation must be installed properly. Radiant heat by its nature, will want to radiate in all directions which is why it is important to use the right radiant floor heating products. EcoFoil reflective insulation is best to insulate and redirect the heat to its intended living space.