Floor Joist Insulation

EcoFoil Joist Insulation

EcoFoil Between Joist Insulation is the recommended product for use in between joists in your home or structure. It's designed to be installed in the walls and floors to help keep your building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Why use EcoFoil Floor Joist Insulation?

  • Reflects 96% of radiant heat - Find out how a radiant barrier works
  • Works in both warm and cold climates
  • Easy installation (see below on How to Install Floor Joist Insulation)
  • Versatile enough to fit between joists or attach directly underneath joists
  • Very durable and can't be ripped or torn by hand
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Safe to handle and requires no special clothing or breathing equipment
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Items needed for installation

  • Scissors or a sharp utility knife to cut the product
  • Insulation tape to seal the seams
  • Construction staples - 3/8" wide is a very popular size
  • A staple gun - mechanical, pneumatic or electric
  • Recommended - Someone to help hold the product while installing

Floor & Wall Joist Installation Instructions

More About EcoFoil Joist Insulation

Whether you are looking to add insulation between joists, or directly over the top of joists, EcoFoil has a solution to fit your needs. EcoFoil Between Joist Insulation is perfect for those small spaces between floor joists and studs in crawl spaces or basements. This specifically designed roll is light and easy to handle, precut to fit perfectly in between standard floor joist spacing, and has 3/4" tabbed edges on both sides, allowing you to simply staple the tabs against the studs or joists for a quick and clean installation.

Our between joist insulation is constructed with a double layer of polyethylene bubbles bonded between two layers of radiant barrier. The double bubble layer creates a thermal break, while the foil blocks and reflects 96% of radiant heat away from your home in the summer, and back into your home in the winter – thus working effectively in both hot and cold climates. 15% or more of a buildings total heat loss can be attributed to an inadequately insulated crawl space.

Installing EcoFoil insulation will not only insulate those tight spaces, it also provides a moisture vapor barrier, controls temperature, and prevents cool, damp air from invading the floor above. This “green" insulation will pay for itself quickly by keeping radiant heat where it belongs - making your building or living space more comfortable while reducing overall energy utility costs.