Ultra NT for SCIFs

Blocks RF frequencies in secure rooms. Used primarily in government and military applications. Often used in ICD 705 compliant projects.

Collection: Ultra NT for SCIFs

The conductive nature of EcoFoil's Ultra NT radiant barrier makes it ideal for construction of sensitive compartmentented information facilities (SCIF). SCIF facilities are secured areas within a building where top secret and highly sensitive information is stored and discussed. SCIF rooms are engineered to block all RF interference, electronic surveillance, and physical surveillance. U.S Government accredited SCIF facilities require Ultra NT radiant barrier to be installed on walls in addition to the floor and ceiling.  In addition to SCIF facilities, Ultra NT radiant barrier - which is Class 1 vapor barrier - can be used in wall construction as a vapor barrier in residential and DIY applications. Incorporating a radiant vapor barrier saves you time and money during installation.

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