Ultra NT SCIF Barrier

RF shielding foil protects against electronic surveillance in secure SCIF rooms. Used for government, military, corporate and other ICD 705 compliant projects.

Collection: Ultra NT SCIF Barrier

EcoFoil’s Ultra NT SCIF Barrier is the preferred product to install in sensitive compartmentalized information facilities (SCIFs). SCIF rooms are areas where top secret and highly sensitive information is stored and discussed, primarily found within government and military agencies. The RF blocking material in this foil works to keep out RF interference, electronic surveillance, and physical surveillance from invasive intelligence. In addition, Ultra NT SCIF Barrier is a Class 1 vapor barrier and can be used as such for wall construction in residential and DIY applications.

U.S. Government accredited SCIF facilities require Ultra NT radiant barrier to be installed on walls, floors, and ceilings. For more information on SCIF Room Installation, view our SCIF Application page.