• Reflect heat away from duct work in air conditioning systems

    Keeps radiant heat out of ducts

    Cool, air conditioned air will maintain its temperature in your ducts, even when the room's temperature is high.

  • Keep cold air out of ductwork in HVAC to save money on energy bills

    Prevents heat from escaping

    Insulates heating systems by reflecting its heat back into the ducts and prevents cold air from entering.

  • Increasing efficiency of HVAC systems

    Improves HVAC system efficiency

    When used with spacer strips, EcoFoil's HVAC duct wrap has an R-Value of 8 and greatly improves HVAC system efficiency.

HVAC ductwork insulation installation

Why insulate your ducts with HVAC bubble insulation?

Insulating your HVAC ductwork with radiant barrier can improve energy efficiency, enhance comfort, reduce noise levels, improve air quality, and extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. By reducing heat loss or gain through your ductwork, radiant barrier insulation can help maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home, while also preventing mold growth and reducing energy bills.

See how it works

Works in any climate

Whether you need to cool or warm your building, HVAC duct wrap insulation can help minimize heat gain or loss as air travels through your ducts, allowing your heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently all year long. EcoFoil R-8 HVAC Duct Insulation Wrap is designed for application on all types of ductwork—circular, rectangular, or square—within residential or commercial buildings. However, it is important to note that this product is not suitable for outdoor use.

Customer Reviews

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Fast Shipping!

I'm always impressed when my order arrives a day or two after placing the order. Amazon Prime isn't even that good!

Roger Smith
Excellent Product

This is my go to product for duct insulation. Most of my work has been in 50 year old houses, so the prep work is most of the job, cleaning and sealing the old sheet metal ducts. R-8 HVAC Duct Wrap insulation is the icing on the cake. I have noticed that side by side with other products outside in the sun, the reflection from this duct Wrap will blind you compared to the other products I have used in the past. It has translated into some impressive savings when comparing before and after heating and cooling bills.

Tom C.
Deeply buried ductwork

We're using the R-8 duct insulation for ventilation ductwork in our unconditioned attic. It will be buried in cellulose insulation. Insulating mainly to avoid condensation. Easy and clean to work with.

Michael Godek

Easy to install & can tell difference in heat already

Rance Logston
Impressive Results!

I had an installer install the wrap on my galvanized duct work in my crawlspace. Almost all of my original insulation sloughed off over time (1973 home) due to condensation and no vapor barrier in the space. I took readings with my infrared thermometer before and after install. My average temperature from the vents was raised 8.2 degrees! I should have done this 7 years ago when I bought the house.

HVAC duct wrap insulation, radiant barrier bubble insulation

Installing EcoFoil ductwork insulation is easy

EcoFoil R8 HVAC Duct Wrap Insulation is very durable, yet clean, lightweight, and flexible. It is easy to install and safe to handle with no special clothing or breathing equipment. Install spacer strips (included) around your duct to provide an air gap. Next, wrap the HVAC bubble wrap around your duct, using EcoFoil Premium HVAC tape to seal the seams.

  • Scissors and knife for radiant barrier installation

    Scissors or sharp knife

  • Insulation tape for radiant barrier

    HVAC Tape for seams

  • Install radiant barrier with 1-2 people

    1–2 people

  • HVAC duct work bubble insulation spacer strips

    Spacer strips (included)

Ductwork Insulation for HVAC systems Installation Instructions:

Installing around ducts

Installing around ducts

Standard installation around HVAC ducts of all shapes and sizes.

Download Instructions (PDF)
Insulating vents under floor joists

Insulating vents under floor joists

If you'd like to insulate a vent under a floor joist, EcoFoil's floor joist insulation is the product of choice. Pre-cut to either 16" or 24" width for fast, easy installation.

Download Instructions (PDF)
Insulating ducts under concrete

Insulating ducts under concrete

To insulate a duct that runs under concrete, EcoFoil's Under Concrete Slab insulation is the best product to choose. This versatile product easily wraps around underground ducts and reflects radiant heat back to its source.

Download Instructions (PDF)

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Ductwork Insulation for HVAC systems

Important: make sure to tape all seams with EcoFoil 3" Premium High Tack HVAC Tape to maintain a vapor barrier and prevent leaks that can lead to inefficiency of your metal ductwork system.