Thermal Bubble Mailers

Protects heat-sensitive materials during shipment. Helps prevent heat damage during transit of many materials including chocolate, pharmaceuticals, and other perishables.

Collection: Thermal Bubble Mailers

Thermal Bubble Mailers - Thermal Bubble Mailers are a great solution for when you need to mail temperature-sensitive or fragile items. Our insulated bubble mailers have a 3/16” thick thermal bubble foil to keep your items protected during transit and the poly bubble radiant barrier blocks out unwanted heat.

Use EcoFoil Thermal Bubble Mailers to ship items like perishable foods (cheeses, meats, chocolates, etc.), pharmaceuticals, and many other small or fragile items.

With sizes ranging from 6” X 6.5” up to 18” X 22”, you’re sure to find the right-sized bubble mailer for your needs. 

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