Under concrete slab insulation

Effective insulation under concrete

EcoFoil Ultra CBF Under Slab Insulation surpasses conventional concrete floor insulation, such as polystyrene or foam sheets. Unlike these outdated alternatives, our reflective bubble concrete floor insulation not only prevents radiant heat loss or gain but also eliminates the need for an additional vapor barrier. Additionally, EcoFoil provides a protective barrier against radon and reflects 57% of radiant heat back to the concrete surface, ensuring optimal thermal performance for various applications, from driveways and radiant flooring to concrete slabs.

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A radiant barrier and vapor barrier, all in one

Unlike traditional alternatives, Ultra CBF Under Slab Insulation doubles as a vapor barrier, eliminating the need for additional materials.

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Under Concrete Slab bubble insulation

Eliminates formation of moisture and condensation on concrete

EcoFoil Ultra CBF Under Slab Insulation features of a layer of metalized foil centered between a layer of bubble insulation laminated to each side with a permanent bond. The bubble layers protect the reflective foil from exposure to the ground or the concrete, and provide a thermal break—eliminating buildup of condensation on the concrete. It is strong and durable enough to withstand the pressure and corrosive nature of concrete and provides the most heat reflectivity of any under slab insulation on the market.

  • Scissors and knife for radiant barrier installation

    Scissors or utility knife

  • Insulation tape for radiant barrier

    Tape (to seal seams)

  • Install radiant barrier with 1-2 people

    1-2 people

Under Concrete Slab Insulation Installation Instructions:

Under Concrete Slab

Under Concrete Slab

Download Instructions (PDF)
Concrete Radiant Floor

Concrete Radiant Floor

Download Instructions (PDF)
Radiant Snow Melt Slab

Radiant Snow Melt Slab

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Radiant Floor Over Wood

Radiant Floor Over Wood

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Under Concrete Slab Insulation

Benefits of Ultra CBF Under Concrete Slab Insulation:

  • Eliminates condensation and moisture on concrete
  • Moderates concrete slab temperature (works great with Radiant Floors)
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Extremely strong compression rate at 140 PSI and high puncture rate at 85 PSI
  • Creates a thermal barrier between the ground and the concrete slab
  • Provides an excellent vapor and radon barrier when the seams are taped
  • Reduces heat loss by 57% - see How Radiant Barrier Works

Items Needed to Install Under Concrete Insulation:

More About EcoFoil Under Concrete Slab Insulation

Please Note: Standard Single or Double Bubble Foil Insulation is not recommended in a concrete insulation application. When foil comes into direct contact with the cement, especially while it is curing, the foil layer will corrode and destroy the reflective properties of the insulation. Ultra CBF Under Slab Insulation was developed and patented for this reason - to serve as a superior concrete floor insulation and concrete vapor barrier, but also to serve as a radiant barrier insulation which reflects radiant heat. This bubble insulation product also gives more reflectivity when used in a heated slab than any other concrete insulation product on the market. This will improve slab response times dramatically when used with radiant heat.

Under Concrete Slab Insulation Reviews:

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Paul Zais

fast delivery

Bari Nasary

Ultra CBF Under Slab Insulation - 4' X 75' (300 sq ft)

DL Cameron Construction
Arbor ADU

This reflective material was exactly what the project at hand required

So far , so good

Arrived on time

Brent Singer
Great product!

My first experience with in floor heat installation and it went very well. The product is very durable and easy to work with. Cement gets delivered this next week.