• Prevent condensation with Bubble Insulation

    Prevents mold & mildew

    Keeps moisture out of your crawl space and creates a vapor barrier when seams are taped.

  • Crawl space insulation keeps home warmer in winter

    Reflects radiant heat

    Reflective insulation redirects heat back into your home, making your floors warmer in winter.

  • Increasing efficiency of HVAC systems

    Increases HVAC efficiency

    Saves money year-round by preventing heat gain/loss

Crawl space not insulated

A poorly insulated crawl space could cost you a fortune.

In cold winter months, warm indoor air can easily escape into your crawl space, forcing your HVAC system work extra hard to regulate your indoor temperature. In warmer months, air that is damp and warm can seep into your home, causing your air conditioning to work harder. Regardless of the outdoor temperature, radiant heat can easily flow through your crawl space in both directions. By installing reflective bubble insulation, you can fix these problems and ensure your home is safe from moisture and mold.

See how it works

15% of heat loss can be attributed to a poorly insulated crawl space

When you install reflective bubble insulation under or between floor joists, it will reflect radiant heat back into your home. This can save you a great deal on energy bills and prolong the life of your HVAC system.

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Moisture and mildew in walls

Prevents moisture from entering your crawl space.

When placed on the floor of your crawl space, reflective insulation can work as a vapor barrier—ensuring that moisture from the ground doesn't seep in and lead to issues like mold, mildew, odors, and other moisture-related problems. In order to maintain a vapor barrier, make sure to tape the seams with reflective insulation tape.

  • Scissors and knife for radiant barrier installation

    Scissors or utility knife

  • Insulation tape for radiant barrier

    Reflective insulation tape

  • staple gun

    Staple gun and 3/8" staples

  • Install radiant barrier with 1-2 people

    1–2 people

Crawl Space Insulation Installation Instructions:

Crawl space insulation — under floor joists

Crawl space insulation — under floor joists

Attach floor joist insulation to the bottom of floor joists in your crawl space

Download Instructions (PDF)
Crawl space insulation - in between floor joists

Crawl space insulation - in between floor joists

Install floor joist insulation between joists. Choose 16" or 24" wide Floor Joist Insulation

Download Instructions (PDF)

Crawl Space Insulation

Why Use EcoFoil In Your Crawl Space?

  • Reflects 96% of radiant heat - Find out how a radiant barrier works
  • Helps keep heat inside your house
  • When used in a crawl space floor it prevents moisture from entering the crawl space
  • Bubble insulation is a full vapor barrier when seams are taped
  • Very durable and can't be ripped or torn by hand
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Safe to handle and requires no special clothing or breathing equipment

More About Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl space insulation in your home is more important than you may think. 15% or more of a home's total heat loss can be attributed to an improperly insulated or un-insulated crawl space. Reflective insulation is an excellent product to use for insulating a crawl space. It is strong, light weight and very clean to install, unlike fiberglass insulation. EcoFoil Bubble Insulation provides a moisture vapor barrier (when seams are taped), controls temperature and prevents cool, damp air from invading the floor above. Rolls of reflective insulation are made to fit between empty floor joists or stapled right across the bottom for unfinished applications.

When installed in a crawl space, or between floor joists, EcoFoil reflective insulation keeps your home's floors warmer in your living area above while regulating temperatures below as well.

Crawl Space Insulation Reviews:

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Ron Emrich
Good product

Well made.easy to install. Looks great. Highly recommend.

Kelsey and Poppys Mom
Great product

Very easy to install. Cut to exactly the right width for installation. Product really stats up with little effort of staples. Great.

thomas mitchell
very pleased with product

Finally got a chance to install this weekend. worked perfectly for the screened in deck which we converted into an enclosed sunroom.

Frank Madden
Pier and beam insulation in Galveston

Haven’t used it yet. Planning on installing it this weekend. 11/18/23.

joseph berry
Great product

Excellent product. Worked like it was supposed to well advertised