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Radiant Barrier Roll from EcoFoil
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Perforated Radiant Barrier Foil - 4' x 125' (500 sq ft)

Perforated Radiant Barrier Foil - 4' x 125' (500 sq ft)

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Product details:

Also available in 1,000 sq ft rolls.

EcoFoil Perforated Radiant Barrier uses reflective technology to increase the energy efficiency and comfort level of your home. A radiant barrier is made of a thin layer of woven polyethylene which is sandwiched between two layers of a highly reflective metalized coating. With the polyethylene core, the perforated foil cannot be ripped or torn. It blocks 96% of radiant heat transfer, helping keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 

Perforated radiant barrier has tiny pin holes punched every 1/4" throughout the roll, making it the only product to be used as a radiant barrier for your attic. This is because Perforated Radiant Barrier allows moisture, at a molecular level, to pass through it. Perforated foil works by reflecting heat away from the attic during long, hot summer days and reflecting heat back into your living space during those cold winter nights.

In a warm climate or Summer application, the best installation is on the bottom of the rafters or trusses with staples. In a cold climate or Winter application, the best installation is over the insulation on the attic floor, laid right on top. For dual climates and maximum efficiency it is recommended to install attic radiant barrier in both places. This 500 square foot roll is perfect for small spaces or to limit purchase of excess materials for your job. 

R-Value Of Radiant Barriers

Rather than rating by R-value, all radiant barrier products are measured by their reflective and emissive properties. EcoFoil perforated radiant barrier foil is 96% reflective and 4% emissive, meaning the product only allows 4% of radiant heat to pass through. For more information on R-values, see our How It Works page or contact a member of our service team via chat, calling (888) 349-3645, or using the form here.  

Important - It is NOT RECOMMENDED to use any type of tape on the EcoFoil Perforated Radiant Barrier in your attic. The tape will block the perforations and allow condensation to form in these places.


Made of a thin layer of woven polyethylene, sandwiched between two layers of a highly reflective metalized coating. Tear-resistant. Tiny perforations allow passage of moisture and promote air flow.

10-year limited warranty:

This product carries a manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty against material defects, including but not limited to de-lamination, surface imperfection, foil corrosion, and air retention. Please note: this warranty does not necessarily cover defects due to improper installation, natural disasters, normal wear and tear, or exposure to chemicals and gasses. View Manufacturer Warranty

Shipping Info:

This product ships FREE via FedEx Ground. Products ship same-day on orders received before 4pm CT and are typically delivered within 2-5 days. Expedited shipping options available. Call us at 888.349.3645 or contact us for more information on shipping options.


48 in x 125 ft (500 square feet per roll)

less than 1/64" thick

Spec Sheets: Download Spec Sheet
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Radiant Barrier Roll from EcoFoil
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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Kelley Smoot
Ecofoil is great product

Lightweight, effective in reflecting heat and acting as a radiant heat barrier, this stuff works and is worth the cost. The savings in a/c costs is worth the expense and trouble to install in the attic.

Thomas V,
Great item.

I installed the Perforated Radiant Barrier Foil today 2/26/24 . I can fell the difference all ready in my house. I install it in the morning, It is the afternoon now.
The foil was very easy to install, with 3 people it only took about 3.5 hours to do 1200 sq feet. Money well spent !

Nice product to work with

I bought this product to cover exposed insulation in my attic space from an interior, upstairs room. Our AC struggles a bit in the summer in this room due to excessive attic heat. I will have to wait for warmer weather to see how effective it is.
The product is extremely user friendly. I did the work all by myself. The appearance is nice and clean and gives a great finished look.
Looking forward to summer.

randy miller


Cary Towne Siding and Paint
Radiant Barrier Testimonial:

This product performs well, it's affordable and easy to install.
I have purchased it 8 times and have rave reviews on its utility savings.

    Perforated Radiant Barrier Foil - 4' x 125' (500 sq ft)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between Radiant Barrier Foil and Reflective Bubble Insulation?

    Radiant Barrier Foil provides the same heat-reflecting properties as Single / Double Bubble Reflective Insulation. The difference is there are no bubble layers in Radiant Barrier Foil. The bubbles featured in our Bubble products provide a thermal break between air on both sides of the material, and prevent formation of frost and condensation inside and outside your building. Without the bubble layer(s), you're at greater risk of condensation forming inside and/or outside of your structure. Learn more here.

    If you'd like to reflect radiant heat while also controlling condensation, choose Reflective Bubble Insulation.

    Should I choose Solid or Perforated Radiant Barrier?

    This will depend on your application. In ventilated areas such as attics, it's important to allow air flow in order to reduce the chances of moisture and mold from forming. In such applications, choose Perforated Radiant Barrier

    Outside of attics, we typically recommend Solid Radiant Radiant Barrier Foil. For questions on your specific application, feel free to call us at 888.349.3645, send us a chat, or contact us electronically.

    Should I use tape in my attic?

    No. Please do not use tape when installing Perforated Radiant Barrier in your attic. Tape could trap moisture in your attic which could lead to mold and mildew. Tape is only recommended with Solid Radiant Barrier Foil and Reflective Bubble Insulation, in situations where you want a vapor barrier. For more information, feel free to call us at 888.349.3645, send us a chat, or contact us electronically.

    How does Radiant Barrier Work?

    Radiant barriers reflect radiant heat back towards its source, keeping interior spaces warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Radiant heat barriers can be used in a variety of applications and climates, providing more comfort to indoor spaces, while saving you money on energy bills year-round. You can learn more about how Radiant Barriers work here.

    How do I install Radiant Barrier?

    Installation methods will vary, depending on your application. If your structure has exposed studs, the material can be stapled with a staple gun. If you have nothing to staple the product to, choose a spray adhesive like Spray-Lock Multi-Purpose Eco-Friendly Spray Adhesive.

    General tips:

    • With any Radiant Barrier application, there must be air space on at least one side of the material. Learn more about air space requirements here.
    • Never sandwich a radiant barrier between two surfaces without allowing for an air space, otherwise the heat will conduct through the material and will become ineffective. The only exception is Under Concrete Slab applications—due to the nature of these applications, an air space is often not an option.
    • Unless you're insulating an attic, Reflective Insulation Tape is recommended to seal the seams. Never use tape with Perforated Radiant Barrier.
    More information on installation methods can be found under the "Shop by Application" tab in the main menu at the top of this page. Don't hesitate to reach out to our team if you'd like any advice on your specific project. Give us a call at 888.349.3645, send us a chat, or contact us electronically. We are always happy to help!

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