Ask The Expert: Double or Single Bubble Foil Insulation

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Barb Rawson, Product Specialist Barb Rawson, Product SpecialistCustomers frequently ask: “What is the difference between EcoFoil's single bubble and double bubble insulation?” To answer this question we need to take a look at how the bubbles function in the insulation. Bubbles are filled with air, which makes an incredible insulator because it provides a barrier to keep the heat from transferring from one material to another. Some common items in our everyday lives that use air for insulation are coffee mugs, double pane windows, and thermoses. This phenomenon is also what prevents condensation from forming. EcoFoil reflective InsulationAs the names suggest, our single bubble insulation has one layer of bubbles while our double bubble insulation has two layers of bubbles. Double bubble insulation provides the most effective thermal break so I always recommend it for larger scale projects such as metal buildings, pole barns, and workshops. However, there may be times when 5/16” is too thick. In those cases, our single bubble insulation- which measures just 3/16"- is an excellent choice. Reflective insulation minimizes heat loss behind radiatorsI recently spoke with a customer that needed a reflector behind a hot water radiator. The radiator was extremely close to the wall so I recommended he use single bubble reflective insulation to reflect the heat into the living space. Another customer was shipping fresh produce in cardboard boxes and needed something to keep the heat out. Single bubble insulation was perfect solution so that she could get more produce in each box. No matter what your project is, EcoFoil has a product that meets your needs.   From attics to crawlspaces or cement slabs to metal roofs, EcoFoil radiant barrier products keep the heat where it belongs! If you have any questions or would like to purchase EcoFoil bubble insulation call 888-349-3645 or visit