How to Combine Fiberglass and Bubble Insulation in a Wall

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Combining fiberglass and reflective insulationIf you want to achieve an ultra-efficient insulating system you can use both fiberglass and EcoFoil bubble insulation. By combining tradition with innovation you will effectively stop all three modes of heat transfer: conductive, convective, and radiant. In addition to reflecting 97% of radiant heat, EcoFoil is unaffected by moisture and can be used in applications that would ruin fiberglass insulation. It’s an excellent choice for basements, garagse, crawlspaces, pole barns and more! There are two ways to combine fiberglass and bubble insulation within a wall. As with any radiant barrier product, it is necessary to have an air space on one side of the foil, because air space is what allows the foil to reflect the radiant heat waves. Both of these installation techniques meet that requirement.Between studs installationInstalling insulation in a wall with studs on 16" centers:• Fill the stud cavity with insulation that is 1” thinner than the depth of the stud cavity.• Using EcoFoil’s 16” staple tab bubble insulation, staple the insulation so that it is recessed 1” into the stud cavity.• Cut out for any electrical boxes or plumbing fixtures.• Finish with drywall.  double bubble reflective insulationInstalling insulation in a wall without studs on 16" centers:• Insulate with fiberglass, filling the entire stud cavity.• Install EcoFoil 48″ bubble insulation horizontally across the studs.• Seal the seams with reflective tape to seal out moisture.• Install 1” furring strips/strapping to studs.• Finish with drywall.If you have any questions or would like to share your installation ideas please visit or call 888-349-3645.