Ask The Expert: Can Bubble Insulation Work in My Attic?

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Barb Rawson, Product Specialist Barb Rawson, Product SpecialistI receive a lot of calls from customers wanting to increase the efficiency of their homes by keeping their attics cooler. A common way to achieve this is to add more insulation. Therefore people understandably gravitate towards our reflective bubble insulation for this purpose. This however is not the ideal choice for your attic. “If not bubble insulation, then what should I use in my attic to stop radiant heat?” The best radiant barrier product for your attic is EcoFoil perforated radiant barrier. The reason for this is that the radiant barrier is perforated with a grid of tiny holes to allow moisture and air to flow through it. When installed properly - with a gap of 6” where the rafters meet the floor joists and along the ridge vent – the air will be able to flow through the attic as if the radiant barrier wasn’t even there. EcoFoil Perforated Radiant BarrierThis air movement is important, as it will carry hot air and moisture out through the ridge vent. To prevent any problems with condensation it is important that you do not block these tiny holes by overlapping or taping the seams. In fact it is best to leave a small gap between sheets to facilitate the movement of air. Some customers ask if these gaps decrease the effectiveness of the radiant barrier. No, they don’t. When you consider the entire area of your roof, a ½ inch gap between sheets is very insignificant and will have almost no measureable impact on the barrier’s performance. So back to our original question, “Can I use bubble insulation in my attic?” The answer is no, and here’s why. Our bubble insulation is 100% water proof and is a 100% vapor barrier. Installing it in your attic would virtually stop the natural air movements that help cool the attic. This would contribute to the buildup of condensation which in turn would lead to the growth of mold. EcoFoil reflective InsulationThis isn’t to say that our bubble insulation is a bad product. On the contrary, it is perfect for applications such as crawlspaces and basements where traditional fiberglass insulation cannot prevent moisture from entering your home. In conclusion, EcoFoil’s perforated radiant barrier is the only choice for your attic because its tiny holes allow the air and moisture to naturally exit the attic. Let us help you figure out how much radiant barrier you need and advise you on your installation. Visit or call 888-349-3645 for more information.