How to Insulate a Cathedral Ceiling

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Cathedral-Ceiling-Room-PictureHow to Install Bubble Wrap Radiant Barrier with Fiberglass Insulation on Cathedral CeilingCathedral ceilings can be difficult to insulate and it is important that it is done properly because once the space below is finished you have no access to the insulation. Also known as vaulted ceilings, there is very little space for insulation, so it is important that you choose the most efficient type.  Combining fiberglass batts and reflective insulation is an effective way to combat all three modes of heat transfer: Conductive, Convective, and Radiant. As with any building project, it is important to check local building codes for compliance before installation. Before you begin make sure that you seal any leaks to the outside that may occur around fixtures such as bath fan or plumbing vents. How to Install Insulation Baffles in Cathedral CeilingsThe first step in installing insulation in a cathedral ceiling is to add insulation baffles between the studs. This is very important because it allows air to circulate above the insulation, thus preventing problems with condensation. 

Installing EcoFoil bubble insulation in a cathedral Ceiling is simple and effective.

 Now you are ready to install the fiberglass insulation. Make sure that you leave enough room for the double bubble insulation. How To Install a Radiant Barrier for a Cathedral CeilingEcoFoil reflective insulation comes in 16” or 24” widths with staple tabs for convenient installation between the rafters. Recess the bubble insulation 1” into the stud cavity and staple it into place. Doing this creates a 1” air space that is essential to the proper functioning of the reflective foil. Adding Ecofoil also creates a 100% vapor barrier in addition to reflecting 97% of radiant heat back to its source. Now you are finished adding the insulation to your cathedral ceiling and are ready to hang drywall. For more information on how to insulate a cathedral ceiling with reflective insulation or to purchase EcoFoil products call 888-349-3645 or visit