What do I Need to Use When Installing Reflective Insulation?

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Application of EcoFoil Reflective Insulation

The first thing to take into consideration when installing radiant barriers or reflective insulation is to determine where you want it installed. Since radiant barriers and reflective insulation can virtually be installed in any interior application where an air gap is present, the list of installation options is quite long. While both radiant barriers and reflective insulations are durable products that will not easily tear, they cut easily with a pair of scissors or a sharp utility knife.ScissorsWhen it comes to attaching the product to either wood or metal, it is important to use a mechanically fastened joint to ensure the product stays in place over the long haul. Simply put, in wood, we recommend staples and in metal, we would recommend using a self-tapping screw.

Staple Gun                         Self Tapping Screw

The final step in installation would be to tape over each seam with EcoFoil Tape. The only product we do not recommend taping is our Perforated Radiant Barrier, as it has tiny holes punctured in it which allow it to breathe. This is because damp air created in your home, due to washing clothes, bathing, running the dishwasher, etc. travels upwards and must be able to pass through the radiant barrier to escape your attic.  If a Solid Radiant Barrier were used in this location, it would trap the moisture in the air and condensate resulting in water droplets which would drip onto your insulation/attic floor and rafters causing damage.

Helpful Tips

Knowing that there is not much to installing Ecofoil products, many customers choose to install it by themselves with the help of friends or family members. If this is the method chosen, the only expenses for installation would be purchasing the materials above, if they are not already laying around the garage somewhere. Of course, each application has a different installation method associated with it. If an air gap is maintained on one side of the Ecofoil product, it will work how it is intended to. This air space does not need to be several inches on one side; even an air space of ¼” will suffice.TestimonialWhen it comes to installing the product, we always recommend pre-measuring and pre-cutting the material before taking it into the area where it will be installed. This eliminates the need to carry the entire roll into the work space during the install and allows focus on just the product in need of installation. Our best advice is to keep the installation easy. All you need is scissors, a staple gun or a drill with self-tapping screws. If you do not feel comfortable installing the product, inquire with a local handyman or contractor.Our website has many downloadable installation sheets for guidance and our team of experts are always just a phone call at (888) 349-3645 or e-mail customerservice@ecofoil.com away.