Tiny House Living in 300 Square Feet

We’re learning about tiny houses here at EcoFoil, and we’re fascinated. Andrew and Crystal Odom of  Tiny r(E)volution approached us about a sponsorship for their Tiny House build and we were hooked. They were looking for a product to use to protect and insulate the underside of their tiny house and after talking it through we thought that EcoFoil white double bubble insulation would offer them both the durability and insulating value they'll need for the job. 

This house will be built on top of a 30 foot trailer bed. Of course we couldn’t miss the opportunity to help them protect their house from the sun too, so they’ll be doing a more standard application of perforated radiant barrier in the attic of their tiny house. Here are the EcoFoil products that will be used in the house build:

If you’ve ever considered building a tiny house, or even a moderate sized house that’s energy efficient, you should follow the Tiny r(E)volution build how-to. The Odom’s are documenting every step of their build so that you know exactly what you’re getting into, what problems they encounter along the way, and how they solve them so you’re prepared to do the same. We can’t wait to see what comes next.
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