Radiant barrier use in cooking with aluminum foil

Radiant Barrier Foil In Everyday Uses

We take for granted the usefulness of reflective foil insulation. While it's most commonly used in home spaces like floors, attics, and walls, we benefit from its properties in countless other ways in our everyday lives.

Our reflective insulation products are made of metalized aluminum foil on both sides, making it ideal to prevent radiant heat from coming into your home while keeping the air inside nice and cool. The science behind the aluminum foil's properties is what led to it being incorporated into our reflective insulation products, as well as being useful in so many different ways.

Aluminum foil radiant barrier in cooking

Food & Cooking

Many of these uses are related to food because aluminum foil is very useful at regulating temperature. Aluminum reflects heat back to its source which makes it perfect for keeping items like hot casseroles warm when they are on the table waiting for the hungry mouths to devour it.          

Continuing with the subject of food, next time you are at the grocery store you might notice a silver foil bag hanging near the frozen food section. These bags work by keeping radiant heat out of the bag, just as a radiant barrier keeps heat out of your attic. These bags are very handy if you have a long drive home and want to keep your frozen pizzas from turning in a mushy mess. The foil bag keeps heat away from your frozen goods by reflecting it back to its source.  

Radiant barrier emergency blanket to redirect heat

Emergency Use    

The reflective properties of foil are also utilized in first aid with emergency “space blankets”. These foil blankets are used to prevent hypothermia and are frequently carried by outdoorsman. They work by reflecting the body’s heat and preventing it from escaping. This is similar to when you install radiant barrier on the floor of an attic to redirect heat back into your home during the colder months.    

Radiant barrier use in hair care products

Hair Care & Treatment

We see this all the time in hair salons: professional hair stylists using pieces of aluminum foil to separate and color clients' hair. Aside from this, the aluminum foil's reflective properties help with hair coloration. When stylists use blow dryers on this aluminum foil, the warm air helps with creating more vibrant and better colors for their tresses.

Radiant barrier can protect equipment from the sun's heat

Protecting Equipment from the Sun

Aluminum foil can also be used to protect sensitive items sitting outside from the sun. Think of bands performing onstage at outdoor venues: before the concert starts, during breaks, or after the performance is over, covering instruments can help protect them from the sun's harmful rays. This prevents any 

Whether you are out grocery shopping, camping, or rocking a crowd of thousands of people you can benefit from reflective foil just the same way as you keep your attic cool.  

We would love to hear what you are doing with your EcoFoil®.  If you have a unique use for your reflective insulation or radiant barrier tell us about it on Facebook, email us at customerservice@ecofoil.com, or call 1-888-349-3645.

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