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Radiant Barrier Foil In Everyday Uses

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In our everyday lives I think we take for granted the usefulness of aluminum foil. Reflective foil redirects heat in many more places than in attics. We benefit from its reflective properties in countless ways. Many of these uses are related to food because foil is very useful at regulating temperature. Foil keeps heat where you want it.I don’t know anyone who doesn't have a box of aluminum foil in their kitchen. Aluminum reflects heat back to its source which makes it perfect for keeping hot casseroles warm when they are on the table waiting for the hungry mouths to devour it.    Reflective Foil re-directs heat back to its source.Continuing with the subject of food, next time you are at the grocery store you might notice a silver foil bag hanging near the frozen food section. These bags work by keeping radiant heat out of the bag, just as a radiant barrier keeps heat out of your attic. These bags are very handy if you have a long drive home and want to keep your frozen pizzas from turning in a mushy mess. The foil bag keeps heat away from your frozen goods by reflecting it back to its source.  Foil blankets reflect heat back to the body.The reflective properties of foil are also utilized in first aid with emergency “space blankets”. These foil blankets are used to prevent hypothermia and are frequently carried by outdoorsman. They work by reflecting the body’s heat and preventing it from escaping. This is similar to when you install radiant barrier on the floor of an attic to redirect heat back into your home during the colder months.  Radiant barrier keeps equipment cool in the sun. Photo courtesy: www.stagerentals.comOne last example comes from a concert I once attended. The stage was outdoors and in the middle of a big parking lot. It was a brutally hot day along the Mississippi River in southeast Iowa and the band was setting up around 1:00 in the afternoon. Once they were done they covered all of the equipment in silver blankets. I didn’t know it then, but they were using reflective aluminum foil to protect their valuable gear.Whether you are out grocery shopping, camping, or rocking a crowd of thousands of people you can benefit from reflective foil just the same way as you keep your attic cool. We would love to hear what you are doing with your EcoFoil.  If you have a unique use for your reflective insulation or radiant barrier tell us about it on Facebook, visit www.ecofoil.com, or call 888-349-3645.