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Spray-Lock FRP Eco-Friendly Spray Adhesive (6 cans winterpack)

Spray-Lock FRP Eco-Friendly Spray Adhesive (6 cans winterpack)


Versatile spray adhesive w/ low VOC's and long working time (6 cans)

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Product details:

Spray-Lock Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive provides an all-in-one, eco-friendly adhesion solution for many applications. Adhere SCIF Barrier, Radiant Barrier, Single/Double Bubble Insulation, and more directly onto drywall, concrete block, fiberglass (FRP) panels, prepared plywood, metal, and more.

Spray-Lock Benefits:

  • Tacks quickly, within 10–20 minutes
  • Long working time
  • Re-position material easily before rolling
  • No offensive odors, non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Can be installed in occupied areas
  • Water-based, contains 0.02 g/ml VOC content*
  • Can be used to install SCIF barrier on walls and floors
  • Strong, permanent adhesion on flat, smooth surfaces including plywood, drywall, concrete block, metal, and more
  • No troweling
  • Lightweight and easy to work with
  • Cans are fully recyclable after use
  • 3-year shelf life
 *According to EPA document: "National Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards For Consumer Products" for aerosol adhesives.

How to apply:

  1. Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry.
  2. Protect from overspray with a spray shield, drop cloths, paper, or masking.
  3. Shake can well. Hold Spray-Lock can 18–24" from the surface. Gently pull the nozzle, feathering as needed. Spray the adhesive directly onto your wall/floor/ceiling or the material itself. Coat the entire surface evenly. To avoid clogging, gently wipe excess adhesive from the nozzle.
  4. Allow adhesive to dry until there is no adhesive transfer when lightly touched (10-20 min). If overspray occurs, it can be removed easily with a damp cloth while the adhesive is still wet. Use mineral spirits if product has dried.
  5. Working from the center, apply your material with light pressure. Continue working outwards until the material is in position. Reposition as necessary by gently peeling your material away from the sprayed surface and adjusting its position.
  6. Once positioned, apply firm pressure with your hands or a roller to complete the bonding process.

Enjoy a long window of time to complete your project—Spray-Lock spray adhesive will maintain its tack for several hours, up to a day or more depending on the humidity and temperature of your room. 


How to store:

Spray-Lock Spray Adhesive is water-based, meaning it can freeze when stored in colder areas. For best results, store the product at a minimum temperature of 68° for 24 hours prior to installation. Do not subject Spray-Lock to freezing temperatures.


Spray-Lock FRP Spray Adhesive formula is a water-based acrylic blend spray adhesive that has milky white frost bubbles in appearance and provides immediate shear strength during installation. This eco-friendly adhesive is solvent free, emits no harmful fumes, and contains 0.0 g/ml VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) in content, according to EPA Test Method 8260B. Spray-Lock FRP Spray Adhesive uses non-ozone depleting HFC propellant. It is one of the only spray-on adhesive products on the market that is 100% recyclable.

Shipping Info:

EcoFoil ships free via FedEx Ground. Products ship same-day on orders received before 4pm CT and typically arrive between 1-4 days. Expedited shipping options available. Call us at 888.349.3645 or contact us for more information on shipping options.

Do not subject to freezing temperatures when storing and transporting this material. It is water-based, so it can freeze. Whenever possible, store at room temperature. Sorry, this product cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.


6 cans of Spray-Lock will cover ~600 square feet per case (~100 sq. ft. per can)

Installation Tips:

Spray-Lock FRP adhesive can be applied directly to clean, dry surfaces including properly prepared plywood, drywall, metal, FRP wall panels, ceramic tile, and more. Cover entire surface with a single, light coat. Allow 10–20 minutes for material to tack before applying your material. Test tackiness by lightly pressing your hand on the sprayed surface. If there is no transfer onto your hand, you're ready to apply. If some adhesives transfers to your hand, wait a few minutes and test the surface again.

You can also apply the spray-on adhesive directly to the product you're installing. Working time is ~8 hours, allowing plenty of time to install after the product is sprayed.

To ensure proper coverage, when using your first can, mark out 10' x 10' area and use the entire can within that area to obtain your visual reference for proper spray pattern.

Spray-Lock Installation Guide (PDF)

Spec Sheets:

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Customer Reviews

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Wendy Singelmann
Temperature sensitive

This wasn't the right product to use in winter.3m spray adhesive worked great,at a fraction of the cost.

Spray adhesive for wood, metal, drywall, concrete block, FRP panels, and more

versatile spray adhesive

Spray adhesive for SCIF Rooms

Spray-Lock is an effective spray adhesive that adheres SCIF barrier, radiant barrier, and bubble insulation to metal, drywall, plywood, concrete block, fiberglass panels, and more.

Spray adhesive that's easy to clean. Wipe overspray with damp cloth

clean, convenient installations

Easy clean-up

Use cardboard to shield areas you don't want to spray. Overspray areas can be wiped away with a damp cloth for fast, easy clean-up. If product has already dried, use mineral spirits to remove the unwanted adhesive.

Spray-Lock cans are 100% recyclable

Eco-friendly spray adhesive

100% recyclable spray adhesive

Unlike solvent-based adhesives, Spray-Lock spray adhesive cans are 100% recyclable. Spray-Lock contains 0.02% VOCs and is one of the most eco-friendly spray adhesives on the market.

Spray adhesive to increase productivity

Save time and money

Experience faster, easier installations

Reduces labor costs with minimal prep work, fast-tack, and long working time. Material can be easily repositioned as needed. Spray-Lock spray adhesive can be applied directly onto walls and floors, or directly to your material.

Download Installation Guide

Spray-Lock FRP Eco-Friendly Spray Adhesive (6 cans winterpack)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Spray-Lock adhesive safe to use in occupied spaces?

Yes! Unlike many competitors, Spray-Lock is water-based and contains only 0.02% VOC content. Compare that with other brands that advertise "less than 25%". Spray-Lock Eco-Friendly Adhesive is water based, and doesn't emit harmful/offensive odors. It is safe to use in occupied, indoor spaces. 

How much coverage will I get from one can?

Generally speaking, each can will cover around 100 sq. ft. and will vary depending on the density of the spray pattern applied. Since this product ships in a case of 6, Spray-Lock will cover a total of ~600 sq. ft. for each unit (case) ordered.

How long will it take for Spray-Lock to dry?

Spray-Lock will take around 15 minutes to achieve optimum "tack" once sprayed. This process can be sped up by introducing air movement through use of a rotary fan. Once the material is sticky and no adhesive transfers to your hand when lightly touched, Spray-Lock will maintain its tack for up to 8 hours. Compare that with competitors that advertise around 15 minutes. This long working time gives you the flexibility to spray/install larger areas without worrying about the adhesive drying too soon. Once your material is adhered to the sprayed surface, applying firm pressure will permanently bond your insulation material to the substrate.

What are the approved substrates for Spray-Lock FRP adhesive?

Spray-Lock adheres to mostly any smooth, flat surface. This includes:

  • plywood
  • drywall
  • concrete
  • block metal
  • garage doors
  • and so much more!

For best results, please ensure the surface is clean of debris and dry. For questions on your specific application, feel free to call us at 888.349.3645, send us a chat, or contact us through this form. We'd be happy to help!

Can I get Express/Overnight Delivery on Spray-Lock orders?

Since the cans are pressurized, Spray-Lock Adhesive cannot be transported in an airplane and therefore must ship FedEx Ground. Additionally, during winter months we can only ship early in the week to avoid the product from sitting in a cold environment over the weekend. During winter each case is insulated which protects the product from freezing during transport. We work hard to ensure timely and conveniently for all orders to ensure the products arrive in peak condition. For additional information on Spray-Lock shipping and delivery, send us a chat, call us at 888.349.3645, or send us a message with this form.

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