Bubble Foil Insulation

Collection: Bubble Foil Insulation

Double Bubble Insulation - Our most popular bubble foil insulation is used for applications in metal buildings, pole barns, basements, crawl spaces, and many other places that require a vapor barrier. Double bubble foil has a double layer of polyethylene bubbles that acts as an extra thermal barrier to prevent condensation.

Single Bubble Insulation - Single Bubble insulation is an economic alternative compared to our double bubble product. It is also 96% reflective which means it does the exact same job at preventing radiant heat gains in your building. With only a single layer of polyethylene bubbles, we recommend single bubble insulation for less extreme climates.

Under Slab Insulation - Just like its name sounds, our under slab Ultra CBF bubble-foil-bubble insulation has been designed specifically for installation under concrete slabs. The metalized foil in under-slab insulation is sandwiched between a layer of polyethylene bubbles on each side to protect it. This is the ONLY product that we sell that is rated for use under concrete slabs and as reflective radiant floor insulation.

Between Joist Insulation - Between joist insulation is made from the same material as our top-selling double bubble product. The only thing that makes this product special is that it is pre-cut to either 16" or 24" widths and includes staple tabs along both sides for easily attaching it between floor joists.

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