Radiant Barrier Products from EcoFoil

Radiant Barrier products for many commercial and residential applications.

Collection: Radiant Barrier Products from EcoFoil

Radiant Barrier - Blocks 96% of radiant heat, and is available in both Perforated and Solid, depending upon your specific application. Solid Radiant Barrier is ideal for walls, roofs, floors and crawl spaces that require a full Vapor Barrier. Perforated Radiant Barrier is the preferred choice for an attic application, as the small perforations allow moisture vapor to escape, preventing mold and mildew.

Ultra NT Radiant Barrier for SCIFs - Ideal for construction in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs). SCIF facilities are required to be secured, as they are areas where top secret information is stored and communicated. Ultra NT Radiant Barrier for SCIFs is designed to keep these areas safe and protected from outside threats. Choose Solid when a vapor barrier is desired, or Perforated to allow for air flow.

Bubble Insulation - Combines both radiant barrier and air space regulation properties to stop heat transfer from one surface to another, and provides a full vapor barrier. Available in Single Bubble (for moderate climates), Double Bubble (for colder climates), and Between Joist which are precut to 16" or 24" wide. EcoFoil Bubble Insulation is versatile enough for nearly any application and helps control buildup of condensation which can lead to mold and mildew.

Insulation Tape - Used to seal seams and attach multiple sheets of insulation together, this tape creates a permanent seal and maintains air-tight vapor barrier properties. Quick and easy to install, Insulation Tape is available in Reflective or White Poly finish, to match your specific product and application.

R8 HVAC Duct Wrap - Specifically designed to reduce radiant heat gain/loss and control condensation in residential and commercial duct work applications. Provides an air-tight thermal break, and is easy to install, even in hard-to-reach areas where duct insulation is desired. Use Premium High Quality HVAC Tape to seal all seams.

Draft insulation - These products are designed to reduce home energy costs and stop air flow from your attic into your living space. Extremely easy to install, and results are immediate.