Reflective Insulation for RVs

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RV-Reflective-InsulationReflective insulation is useful for many things, and it has become my obsession to find as many new and unique uses as I can. The benefit is most seen in applications where you want to keep something cool. What more perfect an installation than in RVs and campers? The most obvious place to use double bubble foil insulation in an RV is to cover the windshield. You can also use it on all other single pane windows. This will cut down on the largest source of heat by reflecting the sun’s radiant heat out of your camper. 

In places where you want to remove the insulation, such as windows and vents, you can use self-adhering hook and loop strips.

 Here are some other uses for reflective insulation for RVs, campers, and 5th wheels:• Add extra insulation by lining the inside of cabinets and closets. This is an easy way to increase the efficiency of your camper without having to tear it apart. Single bubble insulation is designed for installations like these where you can’t afford to waste valuable space.  If you want a more decorative look you can choose to use white reflective insulation. This has a UV coating to prevent deterioration and will brighten up the inside of your camper. • In extreme heat when there is the greatest demand on your air conditioner you can use double bubble to reflect heat away from roof vents, sky lights, and bath fans. • EcoFoil also can be used as pop up camper insulation.  Simply install your reflective insulation on bunk ends and under mattresses. Heat loss is a concern when you are camping in extreme cold temperatures. Beds that are part of a slide-out or that have storage beneath them are vulnerable heat loss. You can minimize this by adding double bubble beneath your mattress. Are you remodeling an older camper? You can use solid radiant barrier to reflect heat and act as a vapor barrier when bringing an older camper back to life. Why buy new when you can recycle! Reflective Insulation is an inexpensive way to increase the efficiency of your camper or RV. For more information or to purchase radiant barrier products visit or call 888-349-3645.