Reflective insulation keeps daycare in Southern California cool and comfortable

Reflective insulation keeps daycare in Southern California cool and comfortable

Smartie Pants Daycare is using Ecofoil Reflective Insulation to keep their young Einsteins at a comfortable temperature for learning and play. You might just want to look into this high quality childcare program if you live near South Park in San Diego, California.

Save on energy costs with reflective insulation

If you want your children to be learning their alphabet in a home that cares enough to install non-toxic forms of crawl space insulation and floor joist insulation to keep the playroom cool in the heat while at the same time keeping the floors warm for itty bitty bare toes, then, you are going to want to send your growing love bugs to this greener daycare.

Maybe you'd like to do what Smartie Pants Daycare did and save money while running a greener business?

Linda Kinney, from Smartie Pants Daycare, says, "We are saving $50 - $70 a month after installing Ecofoil in the crawl space, attic, garage ceiling rafters, and the playroom ceiling rafters between the drywall and the flat roof. The wood floors are no longer too cold to walk on! My garage and attic are at least 10 degrees cooler in the summer."

Reflective insulation is easy to install

Smartie Pants Daycare hired a handyman to install Ecofoil's reflective insulation. The handyman expressed how impressed he was with the quality as well as the ease of installation of Ecofoil reflective insulation, unlike other brands he has worked with which seemed more like "household aluminum foil" that "tore and ripped easily". Ecofoil is simply better quality.

How would you describe Ecofoil reflective insulation? Linda Kinney says, "Quality, non-toxic, easy-to-install foil insulation safe for children and pets." When asked what her overall experience with Ecofoil was like, she said, "Wonderful and if I can think of anymore places to use it to save money, I will."

Ecofoil customer support is here to help

Are you looking for a way to save on energy costs in your home or office? Contact our friendly customer service team to see what eco-friendly EcoFoil insulation can do to save you money and improve the comfort of your space. Mon—Friday we're a quick call away at (888) 349-3645 and you can always contact us electronically.

Happy insulating!


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