Foil Insulation: Keeping the Music Industry Cool!

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Foil Blanket distanceWhen I am not blogging or answering questions about EcoFoil, I like to play music. I’m in a band and I also enjoy going to concerts. Several years ago I was at an outdoor music concert and noticed before the show started that all of the instruments on stage that were in the direct, mid-day sun, had been covered in foil blankets. They stayed covered until just before the concert began. At the time I wasn't aware of how effective foil is at reflecting heat, but I figured it was to protect the expensive equipment from the sun. Fast forward to this summer. It was a very sultry July day with record high temps and heat warnings and my band was playing an outdoor festival. As I made my way up to the main stage to get a good view I noticed that the digital piano for the final act of the night - Darius Rucker, former singer of Hootie and The Blowfish -  was covered in a red blanket lined with foil. This caught my attention IMMEDIATELY! Fortunately I had a camera and was able to get a few shots. Digital music gear, which is typically painted black, is designed to operate within certain temperature ranges and often their operation generates its own heat. Add the hot ambient air temperatures and the direct sun's radiant heat and you have a recipe for a bad situation: it starts to malfunction and eventually will cease to operate at all until it cools down. Foil Blanket close-upTouring musicians deal with this on a daily basis, especially during the summer months when playing outdoor concerts. When several performers share the same stage at a festival, some of the equipment could be in the sun for eight hours or more. The success of the performance relies on this equipment and that is why it is crucial that it is protected from the elements. Protecting this delicate, digital equipment can be solved by using a foil barrier, which will reflect 97% of the sun's harmful radiant energy. Just as with radiant barrier in your attic, the foil puts whatever you are trying to protect in the shade. EcoFoil reflective InsulationObserving pros in the music industry using foil has inspired me to carry a piece of EcoFoil reflective insulation with me whenever I have an outdoor performance and my equipment has the potential to be exposed to direct sunlight. With this protective barrier I can rock out with confidence that my gear will continue to perform for years to come. To learn more about radiant barriers and reflective insulation visit or call 888-349-3645.  EcoFoil's expert answers all of your questions.Thanks to David Arnold for this guest post!Interested in sharing your story?Send us a message at