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FRP Spray Adhesive NOW AVAILABLE from EcoFoil

EcoFoil officially introduced FRP Adhesive Spray from Spray-Lock as the latest addition to its line of insulation tapes and adhesive products. FRP Adhesive uses the most advanced and eco-friendly technology to create an easy-to-use, multi-purpose binding solution that adheres to many smooth surfaces when used in tangent with reflective insulation. This revolutionary spray adhesive provides a long sought-after solution for customers using certain insulation where nailing or stapling isn't recommended.

Learn more about Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive for reflective insulation, now available for purchase.

What is FRP Spray Adhesive?

FRP Spray Adhesive from Spray-Lock is a water-based acrylic blend that works to attach reflective insulation to smooth surfaces, both porous and non-porous. The spray adhesive was originally designed to adhere FRP panels (stands for fiberglass-reinforced plastic) to walls and other upright surfaces. However, FRP Spray Adhesive is also a great solution for putting up reflective insulation like SCIF barrier, radiant barrier, and bubble foil.

The adhesive blend provides an immediate shear strength after tack during the installation process for a faster application rate, all while using 60% less adhesive than traditional trowel-on applicators. FRP Adhesive is an easy-to-use product that can be applied to different residential and commercial wall applications where radiant barrier is needed.

Each 22 oz. recyclable aerosol spray covers roughly 100 sq. ft. of surface, creating an even application of the adhesive. You'll notice its milky white frost bubbles that appear once the adhesive is applied to your surface.

image of EcoFoil FRP Spray Adhesive Pattern for reflective insulation

Benefits of FRP Spray Adhesive

  • 8-Hour Working Time: A huge benefit with this spray adhesive is its extended open working time. Because EcoFoil's reflective insulation is lighter than normal FRP panels, the working time of the spray doubles to approximately 8 hours long. (Note: This spray adhesive traditionally has an open working time of 4 hours when used with FRP panels.) Now, you can spray large swaths of surface and directly apply more insulation without worrying about the adhesive drying too quickly. The instant-grab technology makes applying the insulation easy to do (no bracing required). Watch as the insulation tacks quickly to the surface, within 10-20 minutes!

  • Cuts Labor Costs by Up to 30%: With Spray-Lock, you no longer need to install insulation in sections. You can spray an entire room, wait a few minutes, then apply all of your material at once for a faster application rate.

  • Releasable for Readjustment: This adhesive also allows you to release the insulation from its current position and adjust it as needed. Note: FRP Spray Adhesive becomes less releasable after rolling or other pressure has been applied to it. Be sure to gently apply the insulation to the sticky surface and ensure it's in the right place before rolling it.

Spray adhesive that's easy to clean. Wipe overspray with damp cloth

  • Easy Water Cleanup: If the spray adhesive was applied incorrectly or to the wrong area, then you can clean it off with water while the adhesive is still wet. Once the adhesive is dried (post-8-hour open time), it will remain on the surface.

  • No VOCs or Offensive Odors: Each can of Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive contains 0.0 g/mL volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in content. This is in accordance with the EPA Test Method 8260B. The water-based nature of the adhesive blend ensures it is solvent-free, emitting no harmful odors or fumes while in use. Plus, the aerosol cans are 100% recyclable after use!

  • Non-Flammable: FRP Spray Adhesive uses non-ozone depleting hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) propellant for assured, non-flammable usage. The compound remains at liquid form at room temperature. (Note: Keep adhesive stored in room temperature - 68-74°F - for a 24-hour period prior to installation use.)

Where Can I Use Spray Lock Adhesive?

Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive works on a multitude of smooth, clean surfaces and substrates, including properly prepared plywood, drywall, water-resistant drywall, approved cement board, metal, ceramic tile, concrete substrates, and block wall. By applying this product directly to the wall, you can rest assured the reflective insulation will stick to the surface and stay in place once it's pressed down properly.

While normally intended for "vertical use only" with FRP panels (see the aerosol can for more), you can use Spray-Lock Adhesive to install EcoFoil reflective insulation to your floors and ceilings. To reiterate, reflective insulation is much lighter than plastic paneling, which allows more flexibility in the spray adhesive's usage.

This spray adhesive applies to virtually all types of reflective insulation, however it is specifically great for a few different products and uses:

Ultra NT SCIF Barrier

This product is particularly useful for installing Ultra NT radiant barrier to your facility. SCIF stands for "sensitive compartmentalized information facilities" where highly sensitive information is stored and discussed. The reflective insulation for SCIFs are engineered to block any and all radio frequency (RF) interference and surveillance, and for certain accredited facilities, they require the installation of Ultra NT SCIF Barrier across all places: floors, walls, and ceilings.

Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive works especially for Ultra NT SCIF barrier where any sort of nailing or stapling is not recommended. RF signals can leak through any sort of puncture or prick made into the insulation, rendering it ineffective. With this spray adhesive, contractors are able to apply SCIF barrier to walls, floors, and ceilings without worrying about the potential for RF signals to break through. (Just make sure to use SCIF insulation tape to shore up the seams!)

Green Building Projects

Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive is also great to use in green building projects where the materials used must have a low-impact, positive effect on the environment. Because the product produces zero harmful fumes and odors when in use, as well as comes in a recyclable can, FRP Adhesive is a great tool to use in green building projects and other buildings looking to become LEED-certified.


Lastly, Spray-Lock can be a great tool for those wanting to install reflective insulation themselves! The easy usage of this spray adhesive makes the installation process much less taxing, whether it be for your walls, flooring, or ceiling. Just hold down the nozzle, spray down the amount you need for your surface area, and you've got yourself the adhesive you need to hold your reflective insulation together!

frp spray adhesive for reflective insulation

Choosing the Right Insulation from EcoFoil

Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive works with any of our reflective insulation products, but it's crucial that you choose the right one for your specific needs. Browse through our selection of reflective insulation and see which ones are right for you. We carry a great selection of choices, such as double bubble foil, radiant barrier, and HVAC insulation to name a few.

Get in touch with our product experts through email or by calling (888) 349-3645 if you have any questions on Spray-Lock FRP Spray Adhesive or other reflective insulation products.

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