Use foil insulation to insulate your crawl space

Use foil insulation to insulate your crawl space

Many practices in the construction industry have changed throughout the years and one in particular is that of how to deal with crawlspaces. Many problems lurk in this small and dark space below our homes; problems if left unattended can lead to serious health hazards and high energy costs.

Jim Briley at, located in the metro Atlanta area, specializes in solving a wide range of problems that can occur in crawl spaces. Their goal is to seal crawl spaces, making your home more energy-efficient. Their work also helps eliminate mold and pest problems, lower energy bills, and even lessen the effects of allergies and asthma.

Mr. Briley has had 15 years of experience in the crawl space business, and in the past two years has been installing foil insulation in several homes.


Advantages of using foil insulation in crawl spaces

When you use foil insulation in crawl spaces, you'll experience the following benefits:

Foil insulation is cost-effective

For customers on a budget, foil insulation is a more cost-effective alternative to spray foam.

Foil insulation looks neater, compared to alternatives

Using white faced foil insulation beautifies the space.

Foil insulation takes up less space

When space is tight, you can gain more precious storage space by using insulation that takes up less space.

In addition to insulation installation, Jim Briley and his team also offer mold clean up and many other services, so be sure to check him out. If you need help with your crawl space insulation in the Atlanta, Athens and Greenville areas, you can reach at 770-745-9337 or visit their website at

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