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Bubble Foil Insulation

Single Bubble Foil Insulation

Single Bubble Foil Insulation

Double Bubble Foil Insulation

Double Bubble Foil Insulation

Under Concrete Insulation

Under Concrete Insulation

Help Me Choose - Single or Double Bubble Insulation?

Single and double bubble insulation both function in the same way. They both utilize the principles of air space and radiant barrier to stop heat transfer from one surface to another. They are also both equally effective at achieving a 100% Class 1 vapor barrier. So how do you know which one to choose? Check out this video to find the answer!

Shop By Application

  • Stud Wall Insulation
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Basement Vapor Barrier
  • Water Heater Insulation
  • Note: Reflective double bubble insulation is NOT for use under concrete. Please see Under Slab Concrete Insulation.

    Bubble foil insulation is an option of reflective foil insulation keeps heat out in the summer and keeps heat inside in the winter. EcoFoil reflective bubble insulation uses a combination of radiant barrier (reflective foil) along with a single layer of bubble insulation or a double layer of bubble insulation to reflect heat.

    Roll of Single Bubble White / Foil InsulationRoll of foil - single bubble - foil insulation
    bubble foil insulation
    Other bubble foil insulation benefits include:

    • Highly reflective foil insulation insulates against radiant heat transfer - Stops 96% of radiant heat loss/gain
    • Layer(s) of bubble provide r value to insulate against convective heat transfer
    • Lightweight and easy to handle yet provides superior insulation
    • Single Bubble Insulation is 1/8" - 3/16" thick
    • Double Bubble Insulation is 1/4" - 5/16" thick
    • Barrier for methane, radon, moisture, termites and other pests
    • Find full specifications with each individual product

    Bubble insulation is available in two different styles: "Foil-Bubble-Foil" and "Foil-Bubble-White Poly." Both are available in single and double bubble layers. Various size rolls are also available. The figures to the right demonstrate the layers the different product feature.

    *New* All EcoFoil Bubble Insulation Products now pass the NFPA 286 Full Corner Room Burn Test. EcoFoil's Patented Composition and Design have allowed all of our Bubble Insulation Products to pass the NFPA 286 Full Corner Room Burn Test
    classifying them as a FIRE RETARDANT insulation product
    Foil - single bubble - foil insulation
    Composition of Single Bubble White / Foil Insulation
    These products meet the following:

  • Class 1 / Class A Fire Rating (ASTM E-84-05)
  • Fire retardant (Class 1 / Class A)
  • Passes the NFPA 286 Full Corner Room Burn Test
  • Safest Reflective Insulation on the Market
  • Reduces or Eliminates Fire-Related Liability

  • Please note: Standard bubble insulation is not suitable for under concrete slab applications. Instead, please refer to the under concrete reflective bubble insulation.

    Bubble radiant barrier is commonly used metal building insulation, basement insulation, and crawl space insulation.