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Ultra NT SCIF Barrier - 1,000 sf

Ultra NT SCIF Barrier - 1,000 sf



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What Is EcoFoil Ultra NT SCIF?

EcoFoil Ultra NT SCIF Barrier is a heavy duty radiant barrier sheet made up of a single layer of woven polyethylene material bonded to - and sandwiched between - two highly reflective aluminum surfaces. Ultra NT is used in SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities) - a special facility for handling sensitive data. Ultra NT is also an approved vapor barrier.

EcoFoil Ultra NT has successfully been used in SCIF applications for sound attenuation and RF frequency shielding. Ultra NT is easy to install and manufactured of non-harmful components.

What is SCI and SCIF?

SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information)- information and materials that require special controls for restricted handling within compartmented intelligence systems and for which compartmentation is established.

SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) - A term used by the Department of Defense for a secure room or data center that inhibits electronic surveillance and suppresses data leakage.



A SCIF is an accredited area, room, building or installation where SCI may be stored, discussed or processed.

Sound Attenuation

Reducing the intensity or the sound pressure level of sound, which is transmitted from one point to another.

Ultra NT SCIF Radiant Barrier Installation Instructions

The Radio Frequency Shielding application is highly specialized. We provide the following instructions only as a guide. Please consult the architect for correct application for any project.

  1. Please unroll the Ultra NT product and cut it to appropriate lengths to cover all walls, ceilings, and floors of a room or building that you want shielded from RF transmission.
    1. If the building is made of wood framing, you can staple the product to the wood directly – stapling every 6-10 inches.
    2. If the building is made of concrete, than you can use a general purpose construction adhesive to attach the product to the concrete wall. A bead of adhesive at 1 foot intervals should be sufficient to hold the product in place.
    3. In some cases, the Ultra NT must be installed between two layers of 5/8” gypsum board – please consult with the architect to be sure.
  2. Make sure to overlap all Ultra NT joints by 6” and then use an aluminum foil tape to seal all seams.
  3. When you reach the top of a wall, extend the Ultra NT so that it extends around the corner and onto the ceiling for 6 inches.
  4. When you reach the bottom of a wall, extend the Ultra NT so that it extends onto the floor by 6 inches.
  5. Install more Ultra NT material on the ceiling and the floor to complete the job.

Ultra NT SCIF Radiant Barrier Specifications

Download a printable spec sheet for this product: PDF DownloadUltra NT SCIF Barrier (440 KB)

Emissivity0.03 (ASTM C1371-04A)
CorrosivenessPass (ASTM D3310-00)
Fire Rating Class 1/ Class A (ASTM E84-09)
Bleeding / DelaminationNone (ASTM C1313-05)
PliabilityNo Cracking (ASTM C1313-05)
Tear ResistanceLength 14.93 / Width 15.13 (ASTM D2261)
Water Vapor Permeability0.01 Perms (ASTM E96-05)
Resistance to FungiPass (ASTM C1338-08)
Temp Range-50F to 180F (ASTM C411)
Shielding Effectiveness100MHz - 10GHz : 85 dB (IEEE-299:1997)

Download a printable MSDS Sheet for this product here: PDF DownloadMSDS Sheet for SCIF Radiant Barrier

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