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Draft Insulation

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Your attic access door has little or no insulation above it. This uninsulated portion of your ceiling allows your home's conditioned air to escape through drafts around the attic door causing your heating/cooling system to work harder and drive up your utility bills. Prevent this by insulating your attic entry door with DraftCap. Another way to reduce home energy costs is to put covers over your A/C vents and air registers. During cold months your A/C vents allow cold drafts to enter your home. Simply closing them does not seal or insulate them. The best way to seal air flow around wall vents and ceiling registers is to use Elima-Draft Insulated A/C Vent Covers. These patent-pending magnetic register covers use EcoFoil reflective bubble insulation to get an R-value 6. Not only do they insulate, they also stop air flow with their tight seal.