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Perforated Radiant Barrier

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Radiant heat accounts for the majority of unwanted heat gain and/or loss in your home. Ecofoil Radiant Barrier is the top double sided, heavy duty, metalized, tear-proof radiant barrier available today. Up to 96% of heat transfer is radiant. Fiberglass and cellulose insulation will slow down that radiant heat, but only a radiant barrier such as EcoFoil reflective insulation stops 96% of radiant heat. Don't take chances with your home or project - choose metalized radiant barrier for durability and savings. EcoFoil Perforated Radiant Barrier is ideal for use in an attic. Tiny holes are evenly spaced across the surface of the reflective foil allowing for air to pass, eliminating the buildup of condensation from the extreme temperature differences on each side. Perforated Radiant Barrier can be installed under the rafters or over the floor of the attic.