Who Uses DIY Coolers? Thirsty Fishermen Do!

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bass and rod 1Fishing is one of my favorite past times, and there is nothing I love more than spending the afternoon out on my boat trying to outsmart a largemouth bass. In the spirit of the Tiny r(E)volution I have a tiny boat, which I absolutely love, but space is at a premium. Those of you who fish know that a fisherman can get downright thirsty on a hot afternoon out on the water. I know this first hand, and it just so happens that my favorite beverage comes in bottles. Unfortunately the cooler I take on my boat is too small for bottles. This has been bugging me all summer!reflective-insulation-DIY-CoolerLast month I blogged about an experiment I did involving ice, EcoFoil, and an old bucket. Well, one day I was sitting at my desk thinking about fishing (shh… don’t tell) when I glanced down at the bucket lined with EcoFoil and had an idea: That bucket would be the perfect cheap cooler for my boat!So I took it home to see if it would hold the bottles and also to find out if it would fit in my tiny boat. My suspicions were correct: the bucket was a perfect size for my beverages, takes up less space, and actually holds more drinks than my old cooler.Yesterday was Father’s Day so I decided to give myself a present and spent the afternoon out on the lake. After prepping my boat and rigging up my rods I filled my homemade ice cooler full of beverages and ice. I hit the road around 3:30 and arrived at the lake around 4:00 and was on the water after a short wait at the ramp.ice bucket on boatThe weather here in Iowa has been a little unusual lately, which is usual; this was one of the first really nice weekends we have had in a long time. It was a beautiful day with temps in the mid 80’s and not a cloud in the sky. The nice weather on a holiday made this already busy lake even more so, and the unusually clear water made it extremely difficult to convince the bass that what I was throwing at their noses was something they needed to eat. I had a few nibbles, one that got away (every good fishing story needs one of those), and one that was too small to keep.I finally made my way back to the ramp around 8:00, sunburned and hungry. Even though the lake had taken a few of my prized lures and left me with an empty stringer I still could find some solace in my bucket ‘o beverages, which were all still nice and cold (well the few that were left). This experiment proved to be a success and my DIY ice cooler has earned a permanent place on my fishing machine! EcoFoil's expert answers all of your questions.Thanks to David Arnold for this Guest Post!Have an idea or story you want to share?Send us a message: customerservice@ecofoil.com