Ten Ways to Conserve Water at Home

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Dripping_faucet_2Reducing water usage has a host of benefits. In addition to lowering utility bills, it helps to reduce pollutants in rivers and lakes, and also prolongs the life of sewage and septic systems.Small steps can add up to a big impact. Below are some simple but important ways to conserve water usage at home:1. Only flush when necessary. Every time you flush a tissue or another small disposable item, you’re using up to seven gallons of water.2. Check for leaks. Even a small drop from a faucet, toilet, or pipe can cause significant water waste. You can use a water meter to detect overall leaks. An easy way to check for toilet leaks is to put food coloring in the toilet tank, and then monitor the bowl to see if the color appears there.3. Use efficient showerheads and faucets. It’s easy and affordable to install fixtures designed to cut down on water consumption. You can also add aerators to all faucets. Also, avoid taking baths and limit the length of showers.4. Consider adding insulation on your water pipes, which eliminates the need to let the water run while waiting for it to heat up.Washing machine5. Only run the clothes washer and dishwasher for full loads. If you must wash a small load, adjust the cycle for a lower water level.6. Consider purchasing a front-loading washer, which uses up to 50% less water than older models.7. Avoid leaving the water running while brushing teeth, shaving, cleaning vegetables, or washing dishes.8. Limit the use of kitchen garbage disposals, as they require a large amount of water and can put excess strain on septic systems.9. Consider starting a compost pile in your yard. This helps promote water retention in the soil.10. When boiling food, use as little water as possible. recycle symbolThese 10 quick tips only scratch the surface of potential ways to conserve water. By getting smarter about water usage, you can help preserve this precious resource while saving on utility costs.