Sealed Air Spaces: Insulating Boots and Buildings

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Air insulates in boots and buildingsEcoFoil reflective insulation relies on a sealed air space to manage heat transfer. The use of air to insulate is nothing new. In fact there are many examples of it in our everyday lives. The inspiration for today’s post came from an avid hunter I know who uses U.S Military issue Extreme Cold Vapor Barrier Boots to keep warm. These boots were introduced in the early 1950’s and first used in the Korean War where the frigid temperatures were a very serious problem. They are constructed out of two layers of rubber with a layer of wool insulation between. The wool is completely sealed between the two layers of rubber, which prevents penetration of air and water. valve to keep cold air out“Mickey Boots” or “Thermos Boots”, as they are commonly known, have an air valve to allow for pressure changes while flying. If this valve is left open while on solid ground, or as my friend can attest – in a deer stand, your feet will get very cold. Why? With the valve open cold air will continually circulate in and out of the boot. The same is true when you are insulating a building – that building will be very inefficient if there are leaks that allow air to circulate in and out. Some types of insulation, such as rigid foam and fiberglass, make it difficult to create a sealed air space. Spray foam is excellent at sealing air gaps, but is expensive and contains harmful chemicals. IMG_0022EcoFoil reflective insulation is an excellent solution because it:• Is safe and easy to work with.• Stops 100% of moisture and air• Has an air space built right into the insulation itself, making it an extremely efficient insulation. If you have any questions or would like to order EcoFoil reflective insulation visit or call 888-349-3645.