Save 10% on Your Heating Bill With Magnetic Vent Covers

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Magnetic Air Vent CoverWith the rapid rise in energy costs it is ever more important that we make our homes as efficient as possible. One of the greatest threats to the efficiency of a building is air leaks. These leaks can occur around windows, doors, where utilities enter the home, and many more places.  Elima Draft ceiling vent covers are the perfect solution to one major cause of leaks: HVAC ductwork.  Heating SystemsMany homes are built with two separate heating and cooling systems: one for heat and another for air conditioning.  This is most common when the heat source is from hot water radiators, radiant heated floors and walls, or electric baseboard heat.  Some homes in the southern United States may not have any heat system at all.  In all of these cases, air-conditioning systems can be a major source of air leaks in the winter months.  Warm air escapes and cold air infiltrates.  What is the solution? Magnetic vent covers.  Why Choose Elima-Draft Vent Covers?Elima-Draft air vent covers are designed to fit a wide range of sizes and styles of air vents, even aluminum vents. The secret is in the placement of the magnets, which are strategically located to line up with the mounting screws. 

Installing air vent covers is an inexpensive and effective way to cut down on your heat loss and cold air drafts thereby reducing your heating bill by up to 10%.

 These register vent covers also include a layer of EcoFoil reflective insulation that is designed to fit snugly against the air vent. This seals any air leaks as well as reflects heat back into your home, eliminates condensation, and has a thermal resistance of R-6. You can benefit from Elima Draft vent covers even if you have an all in one heating and cooling system because there may be times when you choose not to heat or cool a certain room or area of your home. Stop wasting energy by sending warm or cool air to rooms that are not in use.  There is often a temperature imbalance between the basement and main floor of a home.  You can use Elima Draft register covers in the summertime to close off the vents to the lower level and force the cold air to the upper level. Elima-Draft hvac vent covers are designed to last for many years of use and can be painted to match the décor of your home. They also come in many sizes to fit a wide variety of sizes and styles of air vents. Even if you have new air vents you still need to use a magnetic vent cover because louvers do not completely seal the air vent. Adding ac vent covers to your registers is a simple, easy, and incredibly effective way to make your home more green while saving some green.  You can purchase your Elima-Draft HVAC register covers at or by calling 888-349-3645.