How to Make Your Own DIY Radiator Reflector

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Reflective Insulation makes an excellent reflector behind hot water radiators.Installing foil insulation behind your hot water radiator is a quick, simple and in-expensive way to increase the efficiency of your home. A significant amount of heat can be lost through the wall behind a radiator, especially if it is an exterior wall. A simple DIY radiator reflector made from double bubble insulation is an effective way to reduce heat loss with an R value of R-3, as well as reflect radiant heat back into the room where it belongs. Here is a simple explanation of how radiators work: Hot water enters the radiator which heats the radiator.  The hot radiator then heats the surrounding air. This warm air rises which creates currents to circulate the air around the room. In order for this process to work adequate air flow around the radiator is crucial.  At 5/16" thick, EcoFoil bubble foil insulation is the perfect solution to increase the efficiency of your hot water radiator and direct radiant heat to your living space. Installation is simple. Cut the foil insulation to the desired size and then use an adhesive to attach it to the wall behind the radiator. If you want to add a classier look you could frame the insulation in trim painted the same color as the wall. So there you have it, another simple way to make your home more green. For more information on bubble insulation visit or call 888-349-3645.