How To Insulate A Pole Barn

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Reflective insulation keeps heat out and prevents condensation in pole barns.Benefits of Adding Pole Barn InsulationThe most common complaints from customers who own metal sided pole barns are: Excessive heat and condensation. Reflective insulation is a high performance product that addresses both of these problems at the same time. The 99.9% pure aluminum in EcoFoil reflective insulation reflects up to 97% of radiant heat, which effectively puts your entire shed in the shade! Who wouldn't want that? Have you ever been inside a pole barn with a dirt floor in the winter? I have and it can seem like it is raining because there is so much condensation. This can be damaging to the wood framing of the building, not to mention all of the valuable equipment stored inside. Bubble insulation acts as a 100% vapor and air barrier to eliminate condensation. How to Insulate Pole Barn WallsYou can insulate pole barn walls in two ways. First you can un-roll the insulation horizontally across the vertical posts (frame columns). The second way of installing insulation in a pole barn is to roll the bubble insulation up the wall and continue on up across the roof purlins. When insulating a new pole barn install the reflective insulation on the outside of the frame prior to adding the exterior sheeting. Do not stretch the insulation too tight; let it sag down a bit. In order for the aluminum to effectively redirect heat you need to have an air gag between the sheeting and the insulation. You are now ready to install the exterior sheeting. How to Insulate a Pole Barn RoofWhen installing double bubble insulation on a pole barn roof roll the insulation across (perpendicular) to the purlins. The insulation will naturally want to drape down, which is how it is designed to be installed. As with the walls, you will achieve the greatest performance from reflective insulation when there is an air gap between the insulation itself and the exterior sheeting. Finally you can install the sheeting.  Watch the video below to learn more about insulating pole barn roof.  How to Insulate an Existing Pole BarnInsulating an existing pole barn is simple. All you need to do is staple the reflective insulation to the inside of the framing. The air gap between the insulation, which is created by the framing, is a perfect thermal break that stops radiant heat transfer and adds extra r value. question-markHow Much Pole Barn Insulation Do I need?Figuring out how much insulation you need for your pole barn is a relatively easy process. All you need to do figure the area for each wall. To do this, multiply the length and height of each wall. Then you take the area of the floor and multiply it by the roof pitch factor. Now you are ready to get started insulating your pole barn. For more information or to purchase pole barn insulation visit or call 1-888-349-3645 to speak with one of our technical experts.