EcoFoil Under Concrete Insulation

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Under slab insulation reflects radiant heat.I get a lot of calls from customers asking about using our radiant barrier products to increase efficiency in their in-slab radiant heated floors. Many times there is a bit of confusion as to which product to use. Fortunately our concrete slab insulation is designed specifically for this purpose. What is the difference between under concrete insulation and standard bubble insulation?  Aluminum and concrete don’t play well together; there is an adverse chemical reaction when the aluminum in the foil comes in contact with the lime in the concrete. In fresh concrete bubbles will form on the surface as the concrete cures. Foil will not damage cured concrete, but the concrete will cause the foil to corrode which will greatly reduce its effectiveness. The soulution? Under Concrete Slab Insulation patented design.EcoFoil’s under concrete insulation- also sometimes called under slab insulation- has a layer of reflective foil sandwiched between two layers of polyethylene bubbles. These bubbles protect the foil from the corrosive properties of the concrete while simultaneously stopping heat transfer through conduction. The first response I usually get is “Won’t those bubble pop?” EcoFoil under concrete insulationThe answer is “NO.” Our concrete slab insulation is specifically designed to handle the abuse during construction and withstand the weight of the slab. With a rated compression strength of 140psi and a bursting strength of 180psi it is virtually indestructible.   
  • In addition to reflecting radiant heat back to your radiant floor you will receive R 3.8 of insulation and a 100% vapor barrier all in one product.
  • EcoFoil’s concrete insulation is a patented design that is unlike any other product on the market.
  • EcoFoil Ultra Concrete Barrier foil is the only product on the market with the reflective foil between  two layers of bubbles.  This isolates the foil from the concrete and from the humid conditions below the slab. This increases the effectiveness and lengthens the life of the foil.
  • There is no up or down to the product making installation virtually foolproof.
 All of these great benefits make our under concrete insulation ideal for alternative uses as well.  We've had customers share their experiences of using it in horse watering systems, portable living structures known as yurts, and underneath in-ground swimming pools.  Have you used insulation for an alternative use?  Let us know, we'd love to hear about it and share it with our readers. To purchase our under concrete insulation visit or call 1-888-349-3645 for more information.