EcoFoil For Tiny House Construction

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TIny House Reflective InsulationIn May Andrew Odom wrote a guest post for us about why he chose to use EcoFoil for his tiny house.  Andrew found EcoFoil for tiny house construction to be a sustainable alternative to traditional metal flashing to create a vapor barrier and to stop radiant heat transfer.  Installing EcoFoil is a simple process that goes as follows:

 The reflective insulation is installed directly to the trailer before the subfloor is built, with the white side facing down. The insulation all together is 2 feet larger than the trailer on all sides and will be wrapped up the sides later in the construction process.1. Measure and roll out insulation. Use a straight edge to cut the insulation. Do the same with the second and third pieces.2. Place the first piece in the center of the trailer. After strip is in place, slide tape ½ under and leave ½ exposed for strip #2.3. Lay strip #2 down over exposed tape to join together with strip #1. Finish joint by taping top portion of strip #1 and strip #2 together. Repeat steps for strip #3.4. Install subfloor framing. 

To learn more watch Andrew's video on how he installed white double bubble insulation on his trailer.

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