EcoFoil Announces Addition to Product Line: Ultra NT Radiant Barrier 500ft2

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Ultra NT Radiant Barrier for SCIF constructionEcoFoil’s 1000 square foot roll of Ultra NT radiant barrier for SCIFs has been a staple for our customers for some time now. However, due to demand for a greater selection of sizes, EcoFoil has added new 500 square foot roll of Ultra NT to better accommodate our customers’ needs.Ultra NT is most commonly used in construction of sensitive compartmentalized information facilities (SCIF). These facilities are designed to block RF interference and stop surveillance in areas where classified information is stored or discussed.Specific rooms or areas of a building are encapsulated in an RF shielding material to stop transmission of radio frequencies. Completely sealing a room with RF shielding foil creates what is similar to a Faraday cage. RF shielding foil is used in many electronic devices to reduce interference from AM/FM radio waves, cell phone signals, microwaves, etc… Ultra NT is a no-tear radiant barrier that effectively attenuates a wide range of frequencies to stop RF interference.In addition to blocking radio frequencies, Ultra NT is a radiant barrier that blocks up to 97% of radiant heat, has a fire rating of Class2/ClassB according to ASTM-E84 09, and is a Class 1 vapor barrier. Ultra NT radiant barrier is safe and easy to install, requiring simple tools such as a utility knife and stapler.RF shielding for SCIF constructionThe versatility and ease of use has inspired homeowners to take advantage of the many benefits provided by this high performance radiant barrier. Customers located near cell phone and other radio transmission towers commonly use Ultra NT radiant barrier to stop infiltration of radio waves into their homes.This new addition to our product line is consistent with our mission to provide the industry’s best customer service. At EcoFoil, we are continually working to meet our customers’ needs by delivering our products in a swift manner. In fact we have an average delivery time of 4 business days.If you have any questions or would like to purchase Ultra NT radiant barrier for SCIFs visit or call 1-888-349-3645 to speak with one of our technical experts.