Customer Feature: Reflective Insulation Turns Sun Room into Comfortable Computer Room

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Reflective insulation keeps unused rooms cool in summer and warm in the winter.Today’s post spotlights a creative use for our DIY series of reflective insulation. Specifically, our 2’ x 10’ roll of double bubble foil/foil insulation. This customer set up his computers in a spare bedroom which was formerly a sun room. With windows on all three sides it is already a warm space made worse by the considerable amount of heat generated by the computers. There is a small window air conditioner that simply cannot keep up with the hot midday summer sun. The customer first asked about using our reflective insulation on the windows of this room, to which I replied “That would be perfect as long as you don’t mind it being dark.” Reflective insulation in windows.Since the room is housing computers and other related equipment that can be used remotely, the customer was perfectly fine with blocking out the light. The 2’ x 10’ was just the right size and he was able to push the insulation into place without the help of any adhesive or fasteners. The reflective foil blocks out the light as well as up to 97% of all radiant heat thereby significantly reducing the temperature of the room. It is so efficient that the air conditioner is only needed on days with extreme heat, and even then it is reported that it is operated on low.  Reflective insulation keeps the heat out in unused rooms. In addition to keeping the room cool in the summer it will help keep it warm in the winter by reflecting the heat generated by the computers back into the room. An added benefit is that the insulation will prevent condensation/frost on the windows.  EcoFoil reflective insulation is perfect for many use because it is:• It is safe and easy to work with• Requires no special tools• 100% waterproof and resists the growth of mold• Flexible and can fitted to many applications• Available in a variety of sizes If you have any unique uses for EcoFoil reflective insulation, or would like to learn more visit or call us toll free at 888-349-3645.