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Ask The Expert: Why is Perforated Radiant Barrier Needed in Attics?

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The most important thing to decide when choosing a radiant barrier is where you want to use it.

If you’re looking to reduce heating & cooling costs by installing radiant barrier in your attic, look no further than EcoFoil Perforated Radiant Barrier. Perforated radiant barrier works by reflecting radiant heat back to its source, which in this case would be back towards the sun in the summer, and back down into your home in the winter. This product is unique because of its tiny grid of holes, or perforations, which enable your attic to “breathe”. This is very important, as it allows moisture vapor to travel up and out of your attic, preventing condensation problems.

perforated radiant barrier for attics

Always choose perforated radiant barrier for attic applications.

One other vital piece of information is that with EcoFoil Perforated Radiant Barrier, do not use any tape! The tape will block the perforations and allow condensation to form in these places!

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