Ask the Expert: Which Insulation Tape Do I Need?

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Matt Bruckman, EcoFoil Product Expert Matt Bruckman, Product SpecialistThis article answers a question I hear from customers on a regular basis, “Which tape is best for my project?” The most common misconception is that you can use the handyman’s secret weapon that Red Green loves so much, classic duct tape. While this tape may be suitable for quick repairs in many situations, it is NOT suitable for insulation products.EcoFoil insulation tape is specially formulated to adhere to all of our products and is available in 2” or 3” widths. 2” wide insulation tape is good for light duty applications such as patching, whereas 3” tape is best for sealing the seams of adjacent sheets. Once you have decided which width you need, then you must choose the tape that accompanies your product. EcoFoil Foil Insulation TapeFoil Insulation and Solid Radiant BarrierFoil insulation tape is designed to bond with the aluminum surface of our reflective foil insulation and solid radiant barrier. The seal created between the insulation and the tape creates a 100% vapor barrier to stop migration of water and other vapors. When you tape the seams of two separate sheets of reflective insulation it will be as if you have one continuous sheet. EcoFoil White Insulation TapeWhite Insulation and Under Concrete InsulationEcoFoil white insulation tape is used to join the seams of our under concrete insulation and white faced bubble insulation. The white tape bonds with the polyethylene surface of the insulation to form an air and vapor barrier which will eliminate condensation in metal buildings and stop radon from entering your home through the cement slab.  Premium HVAC tapeHVAC InsulationHVAC duct work is exposed to an extreme range of temperatures, which requires an aggressive tape. EcoFoil high heat HVAC tape is our premiere tape which is capable of withstanding exposure to high heat over extended periods of time. When paired with our R-8 duct insulation, EcoFoil premium HVAC tape creates a secure seal on all joining seams. This means your ducts will be sealed in an airtight cavity that dramatically increases the efficiency of your HVAC system. SCIF Conductive Foil TapeUltra NT Radiant Barrier for SCIFsThis highly specialized tape is designed for use when constructing special compartmentalized information facilities (SCIF). When installed properly with EcoFoil Ultra NT radiant barrier, EcoFoil conductive SCIF tape works to block out radio frequencies and other surveillance measures. SCIF tape is used to seal the seams as well as cover screw and staple holes, which compromise the barrier.  Double Sided Foam Insulation TapeGarage Door InsulationDouble sided foam tape is used to install EcoFoil garage door insulation kits. EcoFoil double sided tape is strong enough to handle the rigors of securing double bubble insulation to multi-panel garage doors in extreme hot and cold temperatures. You can also use EcoFoil double sided tape to temporarily secure metal building insulation prior to installing the exterior sheeting. How to Install EcoFoil Insulation TapeInstallation of our insulation tape is simple. First, start by cleaning the area where the tape will be applied with a clean dry cloth. This will remove any dust or oils that will inhibit the tape’s ability to adhere to our insulation. Once this is done you can apply the tape in short sections. The final step is to apply pressure and move outwards from the center of the tape. This will ensure that the entire surface of the tape is in contact with the insulation.To purchase EcoFoil insulation tape visit or call 1-888-349-3645 to speak with one of our Product Experts.