A Thirsty fisherman’s Guide to Making Your Own DIY Cooler

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DIY Cooler This thirsty fisherman got a huge response from my post on DIY coolers so I decided to write a follow up article showing all of you how I made my cooler. It’s pretty simple. I started by looking around the house to see what I could use  that would be the right size for my needs. I found a two gallon bucket with a lid that looked perfect. Step 1.My first step was to trace the outline of the lid on the foil insulation. Then I cut the same size circle for the bottom of the bucket.DIY Cooler - Base and LidStep 2Next I cut a piece the height of the bucket and inserted it in the bucket and marked a line where the insulation started to overlap. I formed the insulation into a cylinder and overlapped it so that it was slightly smaller than the bucket. The reason I did this was to create an about a ½” air gap between the insulation and the wall of the bucket. This increases the efficiency of the insulation and prevents the radiant heat from reaching the cool interior. I also found that this prevents moisture from condensing on the exterior of my new diy cooler. DIY Cooler bodyStep 3Now all I had to do was put all the pieces together. First I put the bottom circle in. Then I inserted the cylinder of insulation. The last step was to tape the insulation to the lid. That’s all there is to it! Now you can make your own cooler out of virtually any container.EcoFoil in action: diy coolerVisit ecofoil.com or call 888-349-3645  to learn more about reflective insulation.