6 Ways to Use Your Leftover EcoFoil Insulation

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Barb Rawson, Product Specialist Barb Rawson, Product SpecialistI was speaking with a customer and she recently completed an insulation project in her crawl space using the EcoFoil Double Bubble Insulation and had random pieces left over. She did not want to throw them away and wanted to repurpose them and be Eco friendly instead. I shared with her a few of the many alternative uses for extra EcoFoil.1. Outdoor Pet HomedogWe all love our family pet and want to help keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Using that left over EcoFoil Single Bubble Foil Insulation on the roof and sides of the dog house will help make this a more comfortable living space for your dog or cat.2. Indoor Pet HomegeckoIndoor pets can benefit from EcoFoil too. One of our customers shared how he used EcoFoil’s Under Concrete Insulation to raise the tank temperature for his son’s pet Gecko.  3. Art Work Envelope IMG_1921We've heard from many artists who are making their own protective bag to carry their paintings and art work when exhibiting them at craft shows and flea markets. They often use the foil/white insulation, as the white side creates a nice clean look. The bags are also easy to customize to size and shape of the art work.4. Food Transportfood1We first saw this idea from our friends at Backyard Produce.  They use EcoFoil Bubble Insulation to keep their fresh produce at a comfortable temperature for delivery. You might just find one of these insulated boxes of farm fresh fruits & veggies on your doorstep if you live in their Greensboro/Winston-Salem delivery area. Another customer lines the inside of his crates with Bubble Foil Insulation while transporting product across the country to keep them cool and fresh for delivery at the local grocery store.5. Contractors and Builders SuppliescontractorsContractors and builders often use their pickup truck bed storage boxes to transport their tools and materials from job site to job site. While handy, those boxes are not always the best option for temperature-sensitive materials.Our friends at Hotbox shared their system that includes a heating element, thermostat and sensor to heat small storage spaces and then used EcoFoil bubble insulation inserts to keep the heat efficiently inside that space. Even if you don't use a system with a heating system, EcoFoil makes an easy and fast addition to any storage box.6. Water BottleskoozieOne of our staff favorites is using reflective insulation to make a DIY Koozie out of a water bottle. Simply cut the insulation to the height of the bottle then wrap tightly, leaving a ¼” overlap. Tape with reflective foil tape to secure. Finally, cut a circle the size of the bottle's bottom and use foil tape to attach. Not only does it keep water colder longer, there's no messy condensation ring left on surfaces. Do you have an idea for using leftover EcoFoil? Send us your story and photos to CustomerService@EcoFoil.com.Questions? Ready to order?  Give us a call at 888-349-3645 or visit www.ecofoil.com to shop.