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Solid Radiant Barrier - 4,000 sq ft Package

SKU: EFM4800-48-4000SOLID

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EcoFoil Solid Radiant Barrier uses reflective technology to increase the energy efficiency and comfort level of your home. A radiant barrier is made of a thin layer of woven polyethylene which is sandwiched between two layers of a highly reflective metalized coating. With the polyethylene core the product cannot be ripped or torn. It blocks 96% of radiant heat transfer, helping keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
The radiant barrier also acts as a vapor barrier when the seams are taped, keeping moisture from passing through it. EcoFoil Solid Radiant Barrier can be used in walls, roofs, floors and crawl spaces that require a vapor barrier. An easy way to install would be to run the product perpendicular to your framing and staple into place. For new construction this product would be installed under your sheathing to keep radiant heat out during the summer months and radiant heat in during the winter months. For existing homes this product works great in crawl spaces; simply staple radiant barrier to the bottom of your joists, keeping the heat inside your living space which will prevent condensation and the possibility of mold from forming on the joists or subfloor.
EcoFoil Solid Radiant Barrier can also be used inside the home on the bottom of the subfloor or joists to keep heat contained either up or down, much like zone heating with an HVAC system. If you have a special application that you have questions on please call our product specialists at (888) 349-3645.
Important - You must use 3" Foil Tapeon the seams of the material to ensure the product acts as one sheet and maintains the moisture barrier.

Product Specifications

  • Bleeding / Delamination:None (ASTM C1313-05)
  • Corrosiveness:Pass (ASTM D3310-00)
  • Emissivity:0.04 (ASTM C1371-04A)
  • Pliability:No Cracking (ASTM C1313-05)
  • Reflectivity:0.96
  • Resistance to Fungi:Does not promote growth (ASTM C1338-08)
  • Water Vapor Transmission:0.027 Perms (ASTM E96-05)
  • Product Spec Sheet:Download

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