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Single Bubble Insulation - White/Foil - 6' X 125' (750 sq ft)

SKU: EF2510-72-125
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EcoFoil Single Bubble White Insulation is very thin (1/8" to 3/16"), with a foil surface on one side and a white surface on the other. This insulation is rated and tested by reflectivity and emissivity. It is 96% reflective and 4% emissive, which means the product only allows 4% of radiant heat to pass through it. To put it simple, the insulation does not try to slow the way heat passes through it, the insulation tries to eliminate heat from passing through it.

This insulation performs exactly the same as EcoFoil Single Bubble Foil Insulation, the white is just a cosmetic difference. The question to ask yourself is, "Do I want a foil interior or a white interior?" EcoFoil Single Bubble White Insulation is primarily used in pole barnsmetal buildingsbasement wallscrawl spaces, and storage units. Our insulation can be used for both new construction and existing buildings. It is a great product for many spaces as the insulation acts as a vapor barrier which keeps unwanted moisture from your building, which reduces the possibility of mold issues.

EcoFoil Single Bubble White Insulation performs the same regardless of what size roll is used. A common reason for choosing our 750 sq. ft. roll is if it provides savings in installation cost or time to install. Because this roll is considered "over-sized", it makes it more expensive than our standard 4' roll. As a result, it is often more economical to go with the 500 sq. ft. roll in the same amount of square footage needed for an application. If you need assistance comparing the costs, or for a custom quote, please give us a call at (888) 349-3645 and we would be glad to help walk through this to ensure you get the product that is right for you!

Important - You must tape any seams on the insulation. By doing this, the product acts as one sheet and maintains the moisture barrier. EcoFoil Single Bubble White Insulation is not to be used for under slab applications as the radiant barrier product is exposed. We offer a specific EcoFoil Under Slab Insulation where the radiant barrier is encapsulated between two layers of bubbles.

Product Specifications

  • Bleeding / Delamination:None (ASTM C1224-03)
  • Corrosiveness:Pass (ASTM D3310-00)
  • Emissivity:0.04 (ASTM C1371-04A)
  • Pliability:No Cracking (ASTM C1224-03)
  • Reflectivity:0.96 (ASTM E903)
  • Resistance to Fungi:Does Not Promote Growth (ASTM C1149)
  • Water Vapor Permability:0.37 Perms (ASTM E96)
  • Product Spec Sheet:Download

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