Radiant Barrier Pallet Program

Radiant barrier insulation can be bought in pallet quantities to save money on shipping and other distribution costs.  If you order radiant barrier in pallet quantities please call an EcoFoil sales representative to discuss discount pricing.  Below are the pallet quantites for each of the radiant barrier products as well as reflective housewrap:

48"x125'  Radiant Barrier (Perforated and Solid) - 90 rolls/pallet - 45,000 sq. ft./pallet

48"x250'  Radiant Barrier (Perforated and Solid) - 56 rolls/pallet - 56,000 sq. ft./pallet

54"x200' Reflective Housewrap - 63 rolls/pallet - 56,700 sq. ft./pallet

EcoFoil will also private label reflective foil insulation products for large customers who are capable of buying any mixture of reflective insulation products in truckload quantities.  If you would like to learn more about any of these programs, please Contact Us.

EcoFoil is proud to offer the first radiant barrier insulation product that is made from metalized aluminum and has passed the newest ASTM E84-2009 fire test for flame spread and smoke development!

Call your EcoFoil Customer Service Representative to learn more......