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EcoFoil Test Studies

There have been many tests and studies done to determine the effectiveness of reflective insulation radiant barriers.  There are are numerous situations in which reflective insulation can benefit building/home owners and the information we have compiled will help you understand how versatile reflective radiant insulation can be.  Below are some articles pertaining to test studies as well as actual lab tests that have been done using reflective insulation in various environments.

Articles and written studies:

  1. Understanding R-Value
  2. How and Why Radiant Barrier is Efficient

  3. Ecofoil vs. Conventional Insulation

  4. Proof that a Radiant Barrier helps

  5. An Evaluation of Placement of Radiant Barriers

  6. Metal Building Review Magazine-Foil Insulation

  7. Radiant Barriers Proven to Work

  8. Reflective Insulation and Metal Buildings

  9. Bubble Insulation in Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Radiant Barrier Heat Lamp Test:

Reflective Insulation Heat Lamp Test

Notice the difference in temperature of the thermometer on the outside of the reflective foil insulation. (It's 100 degrees less!) 

Reflective Insulation blocking heat from heat lamp