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Residential Insulation

EcoFoil® radiant barrier installed properly in your house reduces energy consumption, lowers utility bills and increases the comfort of your home.Radiant barrier insulation, reflective insulation and foil insulation are terms that are often used interchangeably. But where all other insulation products can only slow down heat transfer, radiant barrier actually stops up to 96% of radiant heat.The use of radiant barrier insulation in homes has exploded over the past few years. Reflective foil is clean and easy to install, and can be done by a homeowner with simple tools. Our installation sheets provide basic instructions and tips to maximize the benefits of radiant barrier.

Explore the links below to see where radiant barrier and bubble insulation can be installed in your home.

Attic Insulation

Learn more about attic insulation by clicking here

Stop unwanted heat from entering your home through your roof by installing radiant barrier insulation in your attic. EcoFoil is clean and easy to install using simple tools and is a weekend DIY project. Learn more today and start saving!

Basement Wall Insulation

Learn more about basement wall insulation by clicking here

Insulate your basement walls using EcoFoil. EcoFoil is waterproof and does not promote the growth of mold or fungi. EcoFoil provides an efficient and more effective alternative to styrofoam or fiberglass insulation for your basement.

Cathedral Ceiling Insulation

Learn more about radiant heat barrier for cathedral ceilings
Insulate your home's cathedral ceiling using EcoFoil. Our radiant barrier insulation keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by reflecting heat. Discover how versatile radiant heat barrier is and start saving today.

Crawl Space Insulation

Insulate crawl spaces with radiant heat barrier
Installing radiant heat barrier in the crawl spaces of your home will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. EcoFoil is durable and easily installed using a staple gun, and prohibits the formation of mold. Discover the benefits of reflective bubble insulation today.


Ecofoil’s utility roll can be used for any application where you need a small quantity of reflective insulation.   Double bubble insulation reflects up to 96% of radiant heat.  Use it anywhere you need to keep something cool.

Draft Insulation

Seal your home against cold drafts with EcoFoil
Let EcoFoil show you the benefits of eliminating drafts in your home. DraftCap eliminates cold drafts through your attic access door and provides thermal insulation over your attic door, too. EcoFoil also stocks "Elima-Draft" register covers that keep cold drafts from entering your home through your AC vents. These products are extremely easy to use and install all while cutting your energy consumption and utility bills. Learn more about our draft products.

HVAC Duct Insulation

Insulate your duct work for greater HVAC efficiency
EcoFoil offers an R-8 duct wrap to insulate your duct work, allowing your heating and cooling system to operate more efficiently. Great for homes and commercial buildings, our duct insulation eliminates condensation issues that are common with duct work. Learn more about EcoFoil R8 Duct Insulation.

Stud Wall Insulation

EcoFoil is ideal for insulating between your stud wall construction
EcoFoil makes it easy to install radiant heat barrier in the walls of your home. EcoFoil offers 16" and 24" widths to make the installation process easy. Our bubble insulation combined with radiant heat barrier installs with simple tools and can be used in new construction and remodeling projects. Call or click to learn more about stud wall insulation.

Garage Door Insulation

Keep high heat out of your garage with EcoFoil
Keep high heat buildup from your garage by insulating your garage door with reflective bubble insulation by EcoFoil. Our radiant heat barrier garage door kits come in single and double width kits and can be installed easily by homeowners in a couple of hours. We provide simple step by step instructions and our kits come complete with the radiant heat barrier bubble insulation and double-sided tape.

Between Joists

Install radiant barrier between the joists of your home
Keep your home comfortable and energy efficient by installing EcoFoil radiant barrier bubble insulation between your floor joists. EcoFoil provides a thermal barrier between the cool air below your floors and makes your home's floor more comfortable.

Under Concrete & Radiant Heat Floor Insulation

Under Concrete Radiant Barrier Insulation
Before you install your concrete, consider the benefits of EcoFoil Ultra Under Concrete Radiant Barrier. Ultra provides a radiant heat barrier that keeps your concrete from becoming cool. Ultra's patented design has two layers of bubble with our 96% reflective foil barrier sandwiched between. This configuration prevents the foil from becoming corroded from the concrete's touch. No other under concrete bubble can match its strength and effectiveness. Learn more about Ultra Under Concrete Radiant Barrier.

Roof Insulation

Radiant Heat Barrier for residential roofing projects
EcoFoil radiant heat barrier provides a thermal block and a first line of defense against the heat of the sun entering your home's attic. Radiant heat barrier installed under your new metal or shingle roof keeps your attic much cooler which means your home is more comfortable and efficient during the hot summer months.